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Review the pharmacology of alcohol  Define designer drugs  Review the effects of some of the most common designer drugs  Identify which “designer drugs” may still be legal  Discuss ways of handling “legal” drug use in your programs
3.  Alcohol indirectly activates the dompamine and opioid system producing rewarding sensations  Alcohol antagonizes GABA which causes the agitation/stimulation as the depressant effects wear off (addressed in detox with benzos)  NIH Article on the pharmacology of Alcohol
4.  “Designer drugs” refers to drugs that are created in a laboratory  DEA booklet on Drugs of Abuse  NIH Drugs of Abuse “Chart”
5.  Synthetic cathinones, “bath salts,” are drugs that contain one or more synthetic chemicals related to cathinone.  Cathinone is a stimulant found in the khat plant.  Synthetic cathinones are cheap substitutes for other stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine  Products sold as Molly (MDMA) often contain synthetic cathinones instead.  People typically swallow, snort, smoke, or inject synthetic cathinones.  Not at all related to actual substances put in the bath (Epsom salt based products)
6.  Synthetic cathinones can cause: Nosebleeds Dilated pupils Paranoia Increased sociability Increased sex drive Hallucinations Panic attacks Increased heart rate and blood pressure, heart attack Violent behavior Kidney failure, liver failure, suicide Increased tolerance for pain hyperthermia causing people to tear off their clothing to cool off.
7.  Depression or suicidal behavior can last even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off  Synthetic cathinones…