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Objectives  Define relapse in terms of addiction as well as mental health  Examine relapse prevention techniques  Explore needs of the person: Psychosocial and Maslovian
3. What is Relapse  Relapse is the return to addictive behaviors or the recurrence of mood disorders  Relapse often starts long before the person uses again  Get caught up in day-in-day-out  Start acting “mindlessly”  Stop going to meetings/counseling/church/lifeline  Begins running out of energy to do new behaviors  Frustration, irritability and exhaustion set in  Caveat…an extreme stressor can prompt “immediate relapse”
4. Extreme Stressors  Those things that overwhelm an individuals ability to cope  Thrust them into the fight or flight  New coping skills and support resources may not even be considered, or only half-heartedly  Have clients identify or practice dealing with these types of situations in group  Divorce  Death  Job Loss  Diagnosis of a terminal or chronic illness (Cancer, ALS, HIV)
5. Beginner Tools for Extreme Stress  Get support… You are outnumbered!  Self-soothing/De-Escalation  Systematic Desensitization  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  CPT Note Card  I feel… because ……  What am I upset about  What are the FACTS for and against this belief  Am I using all or nothing thinking or jumping to conclusions  I need to call _______ to get an objective perspective or what would _____ do
6. Psychosocial Needs  Represent tasks that must be accomplished or needs that must be met as the people grow up  These tasks help people learn self-control, confidence and esteem  Problems in achieving these tasks/needs can lead to problems in development  Problems later in life may cause people to question their earlier conclusions  These tasks are not linear and final  Part of the treatment process is helping people learn how to “parent” themselves.  Clinicians initially take the part of the parental figure modeling how to resolve issues