AllCEUs Counseling Continuing Education for LPC and LMHC. This course provides a guide to what is commonly referred to as Methadone treatment based on TIP 40 and 43 by SAMHSA. Executive Summary: Research supports the perspective that opioid addiction is a medical disorder that can be treated effectively with medications when they are
administered under conditions consistent with their pharmacological
efficacy and when treatment includes necessary supportive services
such as psychosocial counseling, treatment for co-occurring disorders,
medical services, and vocational rehabilitation. Medication-assisted
treatment for opioid addiction (MAT) has been effective in facilitating
recovery from opioid addiction for many patients.
This TIP provides a detailed description of MAT, especially in opioid
treatment programs (OTPs). MAT includes optional approaches such as
comprehensive maintenance treatment, medical maintenance treatment,
detoxification, and medically supervised withdrawal. Some or all of these
approaches can be provided in OTPs or other settings. With the approval
of buprenorphine for physician’s office-based opioid treatment, MAT
availability is expected to increase.