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Define recidivism  Compare and contrast relapse and recidivism  Explore motivations and interventions for recidivism and relapse AllCEUs.com
4.  Recidivism is the return to criminal behavior after being incarcerated or not offending for a period  Relapse is the return to addictive behavior after being “clean” for a while. AllCEUs.com
5. Sober Behavior Addicted/Criminal Behavior  Honesty  Hope and Faith  Discipline/Patience  Courage/Self- Confidence  Integrity  Manipulation  Discontent  Impulsiveness/Irrespon sibility  Defensiveness/Gives up easily  Pleasure focused AllCEUs.com
6.  Cognitive ◦ Expectations of discrimination ◦ Immediate gratification/Lack of time perspective ◦ Illusion of uniqueness ◦ Sense of entitlement ◦ Lack of coping skills ◦ Possible learning disabilities AllCEUs.com
7.  Emotional ◦ Mood disorders  Depression  Anxiety  ADD/ADHD  Bipolar AllCEUs.com
8.  Social ◦ Family and friends may engage in criminal/addictive behavior, but may have to live with them ◦ Discrimination/Judgment from macrosystem (church, job, neighbors, kids’ school) AllCEUs.com
9.  Environmental ◦ Difficulty finding housing ◦ Difficulty getting loans for cars or housing
Safe housing  Prosocial peer group  Rewarding activities (what did you enjoy about your criminal activities)  Coping and self-control skills ◦ Create a Goal Map  6 months from now you want to have X is this behavior going to get you closer to or further from that goal AllCEUs.com
17.  Look for exceptions ◦ When you were/are not planning, engaging in or recovering from the criminal behaviors, what were/are you doing? ◦ When you were in jail you envisioned a different lifestyle. Describe that… AllCEUs.com
18.  Conduct a skills analysis ◦ Try using a transferrable skills checklist  http://careercenter.missouristate.edu/assets/careercenter/Transferable_Skill s_Checklist.pdf ◦ Onet:  https://www.onetonline.org/find/descriptor/browse/Interests/ AllCEUs.com
19.  Initially the person needs: ◦ To be motivated to not reoffend ◦ A set of rewards for positive behavior and punishing sanctions for criminal behavior ◦ Consistency ◦ Employment ◦ Safe housing ◦ Medication for underlying mental health issues AllCEUs.com
20.  Ultimately the person needs: ◦ To be motivated to not reoffend  Law-abiding behavior must be more rewarding… ◦ To have skills that enable him/her to tolerate distress and address cognitive distortions ◦ A supportive, pro-social group of friends