Relieving Stress at Work

Studies show that the percentage of people in the workforce who are highly stressed is extremely high and it looks like it's just going to get even higher in the future. The number of people, according to studies, that claim to be

Ways to Make Peace With Yourself

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.” - Marcus Aurelius So, if this is true, how can you find peace of mind? This is a question that's often asked and for a lot the answers they find don't always

Children and Mental Illnesses

Children of all ages are continually changing. We know they tend to grow up fast right before parents even realize it. Once giggly and energetic toddlers suddenly they are no longer young children but teens that sleep till it's noon.

Self-Injury and Treating It

+When children hurt themselves intentionally, otherwise known as self-injury, often by cutting or scratching themselves as one way of managing difficult emotions, they and their parents have a huge issue to deal with.

Foods That Help Curb Anxiety

For anyone who struggles with anxiety are always looking for a way to curb the stress that's caused by this disorder. Often the journey leads them down a variety of different rabbit holes, which can cause even more anxiety. One popular
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