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5 Ways Hypnotherapy May Help You

Hypnosis – Can It Help Me? Dr. Greg Harms Looking for hypnotherapy in Chicago? Have you heard things about hypnotherapy and wonder if it’s right for you? Do you dream of living a happier, more The post 5 Ways Hypnotherapy May Help You…

5 Signs Your Drinking Is Out of Control

Do I Have a Drinking Problem? By: Jennifer Lawal, LPC, NCC While the majority of us drink to celebrate, socialize or even just to help us relax, drinking alcohol has been known to alter the The post 5 Signs Your Drinking Is Out of Control…

The Role of Delayed Gratification in Success

By: Costa Provis, LCPC, CPC Quite often while helping some of my clients in Chicago, I assist people create their “best-self” list.  The idea is that you identify as many characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, feelings, etc. The post The…
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