How Best to Manage Your Moods

Every life is in the end made up of a succession of moods – happy ones and sad ones, despairing ones and joyful ones. When we’re in our better moods, we sometimes think we might be able to stabilise our moods completely in an optimal direction – and never shift into the more troublesome ones. But the art of living isn’t to banish our moodiness, it’s to learn to navigate it with wisdom and humour.
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“Far more than we are inclined to accept and sometimes even realise, we are creatures of mood: that is, our sense of our value as human beings is prone to extraordinary fluctuation. At times, we know how to tolerate ourselves, the future seems benevolent, we can bear who we are in the eyes of others and we can forgive ourselves for the desperate errors of the past.

And then, at other points, the mood dips and we lament most of what we’ve ever done, we see ourselves as natural targets for contempt, we feel undeserving, guilty, weak and headed for retribution and disaster…”


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33 thoughts on “How Best to Manage Your Moods”

  1. How do you deal with your moods? Share your experience with us in the comments below. Perhaps you could help someone else. Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and turn on notifications to ensure you don't miss our next film.

  2. I wonder if there are any theories on why some people seem to have such variation in type and intensity of mood. Is it inherited, to do with conditioning, culture etc. sometimes a mood will be quite out of sync too.

    We are all unique and different. Not precious, or ‘special’, but we designed differently. It’s fascinating.

  3. I greet the mood as an inconvenient visit of an old friend. I invite the mood to tell its story that I already know from A to Z. When the story is told, I ask it if it is finished and what it needs from me. Most of the times it is a hug, some loving remarks and the assurance that all will be fine. When the mood is melting, I thank it for stopping by. This ritual works best for me if I take a walk or a shower.

  4. Now I got a pink happy healthy rose plant that's well taken care of by me, I match my vibration to that plant. If I drop back down, I look at the plant and match its vibe. Life circumstances don't seem as hopeless after. there are still many opportunities and good things. Physically, stay hydrated, stay fed, stay warm or cool in whatever condition, sleep enough in regular cycles, take vitamins, keep track of one's hormonal cycle. Stay away from Hermes and get closer to Chanel helps (due to its operating philosophy).

  5. The timing of this is incredibly weird as I just got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder today, which basically means a whole lot of unstable mood swings lol

  6. The orange juice was such beautiful storytelling. I loved how it acts as a relief to the very intensely built up tension. Thank you for this video as well as the very appreciated artwork of editing and crafting

  7. I very rarely and temporarily have a bad mood. I guess it is due to living a fulfilled life, knowing my own needs and acting on them, feeling and accepting my feelings instead of supressing them, self-compassion and self-love, meditation, good music, gratitude, presence, enough good sleep (ideally) and a positive attitude towards the world, always looking on the bright side.

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