How To Be A Good Teacher

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We’re used to thinking of ‘being a teacher’ as a specialised job, but in fact, teaching is a skill required of us in a huge range of contexts, from the home to the workplace. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“A discussion of how to be a good teacher sounds a little narrow – and probably not very relevant to most of us. Few of us want to be a school teacher, instructing children in some narrow academic subject or other, which is what we overwhelmingly associate with the word ‘teacher’, the person in a rather frayed jacket in front of the class, the type who bored us rigid for long stretches of our early years.
However, teaching is far from being something that we only need to learn if we’re contemplating a career in education. Considered properly, teaching – by which we mean, the vital business of getting an important idea from one mind into another – is one of the most crucial life skills that any of us ever require. Every one of us, whatever our occupation, needs to become a good teacher, for our lives constantly require us to deliver crucial information with grace and effectiveness into the deep minds of others…”

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