How to Cope If the Worst Came to the Worst..

Many of us suffer enormous anxieties about what might happen if the worst came to the worst. Well-meaning friends often reassure us that things might go really well, but there is often great relief to be found in imagining the darkest scenarios and being able to see that we could, ultimately, survive them.
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“In the background, many of us are terrified of so much – disgrace, illness, sacking, our mortality, the suffering and death of loved ones… When these fears come up, we are often encouraged, out of kindness, to think of the best-case scenarios. It’s a well-meaning move, but it also – unintentionally – leaves our fears to fester; they fill us with unnamed dread and sometimes loom far larger than they should. So an opposite move – displayed here – involves looking our anxieties directly in the eye, refusing to be cowed by them and examining them in exhaustive detail so as to drain them of their debilitating power. Doing so is liable to bring us to an important realisation: we could cope – even if the worst came to the worst…”

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