How to Lose the Fear of Being an Idiot

We tend to fear being an idiot as a terrible, remote possibility. This keeps us anxious and unsettled. Far better to accept head on, and with good grace, that we are – all of us – idiots. And that may just be OK. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“‘The Inner Idiot’ is a bracing term used to describe a substantial, hugely influential and strenuously concealed part of everyone. An Idiot is what we deeply fear being, it is what we suspect in our darkest hours that we might be – and it is what we should simply accept, with humour and good grace, that we often truly are. A decent life isn’t one in which we foolishly believe we can slay or evade The Inner Idiot; it’s one in which we practice the only art available to us: sensible cohabitation…”

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