On Being Out of Touch With One’s Feelings

It’s remarkably easy to fall out of touch with a key bit of oneself: one’s feelings. A short guide to recovering contact. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): http://bit.ly/2bxIHol

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“An enormous amount of trouble in the world – especially at work and in relationships – is caused by a peculiar phenomenon of our minds: a tendency to be, as we put it, out of touch with our feelings.
When we first meet this idea, it sounds strange, and even a bit insulting. How could we not know what we are feeling?…”

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Produced in collaboration with Tracy Foster​

Animation and Direction by Tracy Foster

Character Rigging by Simon Biggs

Motion Graphics Assistance ​by ​
Gordon Howie

Sound Design by Howard Sinden

False 3d Font by Galdino Otten
Background texture by Fundooz Dubmash #TheSchoolOfLife


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