SOCIOLOGY – Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead was a pioneering anthropologist who tried to understand many of the problems of modern America by comparing her society with less technologically advanced civilisations, where she spent many years doing fieldwork. She was especially interested in sexuality and in the ways in which modernity forces us into gender roles and identities that stifle our true needs. Her work remains highly useful in understanding some of our ongoing problems around sex.
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“When we use ‘modern’ to describe something, it’s usually a positive. We are very appreciative and even a little smug about the miracles of modern science, the benefits of modern technology, and even the superiority of modern viewpoints. But what if, in speeding towards a new and ever-better future, we’ve left some important truths about ourselves behind? One of the people who best helped us explore this problem was Margaret Mead, perhaps the most famous anthropologist of the 20th century…”


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