The Benefits of Being a Mummy’s Boy

As a boy grows into a man, there’s a lot of pressure to deny mother – and all she stands for: tenderness, vulnerability and need. But maybe these aspects of oneself are best integrated rather than renounced; maybe there’s value in being at once dignified, competent and solid – and a mummy’s boy… For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“One of the most basic features of being a boy, so well-entrenched that we forget to notice its strangeness, is that after a certain point, mothers become embarrassing and need to be surrendered and denied, not just mothers, but all that mothers tend to stand for in a boy’s life: tenderness, vulnerability and need. To become a man is to grow into the creature who says ‘not now’ to his mother – and doesn’t look back as he walks towards his friends in the school yard…”

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Natalia Ramos

Directed and illustrated by Natalia Ramas

Animated by Daniel García

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