Despite talk of liberation, our sexual lives remain the focus of immense amounts of shame. One way to deal with this is to expand – with dignity – evidence of what people are truly like. Here, some brave individuals reveal what it is they deep down want and think about. We applaud their courage, and find it poignant too. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“From adolescence onwards, one of the great struggles we face is how to reconcile our desire to be normal and good with the contents of our sexual fantasies. For most of us, there are some alarming bits of our imaginations that simply refuse to fit in with the rest of our allegiances: we may be deeply interested in monogamy, and yet after a while, could find that we are only excited by the attention of complete strangers. We may be believers in every kind of gender equality, yet in bed, dream of humiliating someone. We perhaps want to be strong and competent, but are drawn to sexual scenarios in which we’ll be ordered to follow a master or mistress around on a chain on our hands and knees…”

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