Thoughts For A Storm

In exceptional circumstances, we need a philosophy that can help us hold on to our sanity and sense of perspective. Here is The School of Life’s suggestions for how to survive the crisis emotionally.
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“– ACCEPT: We are a miraculous, unlikely fragile species in a mysteriously oxygenated corner of the universe. We have never been and never will be complete masters of our circumstances, we remain invariably at the mercy of awesome uncontrollable forces to which we should submit with a measure of grace. –

CONCEDE: Our impotence before events, the powerlessness of our mighty brains, the humbling inflicted on us by nature, our vulnerability to the absurdities of microbial life…”


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33 thoughts on “Thoughts For A Storm”

  1. THE SCHOOL OF LIFE IS SUCH AN AWESOME CHANNEL, The School of Life have both inspired me and helped me in my own personal development. I would really want to thank this channel for everything it has given me. This channel has actually inspired me so much so that I have even started my own channel. I see my channel as my way of making the world a better place and to give back for everyone who have given me things and inspiration in life, I’m grateful for all the support I can get in growing my channel.

  2. Anyone else just in the middle of a task.just think"yeah i am an adult know…how did I get here"then go back to whatever you are doing?I often feel like like a child version of myself time swapped for a split second,anyone else feel this way?

  3. Very wise. However, this channel uses the first pronoun of the plural so that the listener can:

    -Feel they are not alone to undergo such storm
    -Fell they are part of a herd or the masses
    -Feel normal and common

    Hahahahaha, that is why you feel better at the end of the video

  4. This is so true we are just so fragile look how small non living virus is taking us part and making us very vulnerable yet we thought we have reached the ultimate peak of technological advancement.

  5. So you're basically saying that we should all simply accept our slavery and the injustices heaped upon us by our corrupt and essentially evil powers who have had us in chains for millenia?!? We are actually being called, now more than ever, to rise up and push back not to zone out in a state of blissful mindlessness. Having subscribed to this channel for a while now I'm truly shocked at the agenda you're clearly helping to prop up with this utter nonsense. Not everything happens by accident including this Pandemic, Wars, Corruption, child trafficking, pedophilia, the breakdown of the family unit, the inversion of gender etc etc. I smell utter bullshit here. Shocking and very disappointing

  6. "…and how much more gratifying to serve, than be served." Once again, beautifully said! I really do look forward to traveling to England this August/September, and visiting your store when I'm in London.

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