Foundations Recovery Network Professional Webinar Series Presents…

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Assisting Our Clients in Regulating Their Emotions with speaker Beth Freimuth, MSW

About The Webinar:
Since it’s inception in the early 1990′s, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has advanced significantly beyond it’s original clinical purpose of treating clients with Bi-Polar Disorder. DBT is now being considered an effective practice with a multitude of client populations including teens, clients with eating disorders, clients with a history of substance abuse, and many others. Based around a foundation of finding ways for clients to experience positive feelings towards themselves and their environments, DBT is focused specifically on rekindling a client’s feelings of hope, peace, and joy. During this webinar we will visit these core philosophies and best practices that can apply to your client approach on a regular basis, yet also understand the role of the therapist in a client’s success and how your interactions and attitude impact overall client outcome. Join Beth Freimuth as she presents these items and a real world example of how DBT is used in an inpatient residential treatment center at Michael’s House Treatment Center. Viewers of this webinar will learn answers to the following questions:
– Learn about the 4 DBT modules.
– Learn about the traditional DBT phases of treatment.
– Who is appropriate for DBT.
– Learn about the core DBT philosophy.
– Defining the DBT Therapist.

About The Speaker:
Beth has studied mindfulness, mind transformation meditation and eastern philosophy for the past 15 years. Before joining the team at Michael’s House, Beth worked as a psychotherapist and taught Dialectical Behavior Therapy at two other treatment centers. Through her work, Beth has helped with the following populations: incarcerated women, families and children in crisis, incarcerated youth, youth and adults with substance abuse problems, adults with histories of trauma, personality disorders and numerous other mental health issues. Beth is deeply committed to helping clients find coping skills that are effective in their lives. She strives to assist clients in lessening the suffering in their lives and increasing their experiences of joy and peace.

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