6 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Distraction Techniques

You ask & you shall receive! In this video I talk about 6 distraction tools as well as how to create a distraction plan! I would encourage all of you to grab a 3×5 card and create your plan! Using the six tips you can come up with different distractions to use regardless of what time of day it is or where you are. Put your ideas on your card and keep it with you at all time! You never know when you will be triggered or just have a really bad day.

The six distraction tips are:
1. Use safe alternatives to self-harm behaviors
2. Distract with pleasurable activities
3. Think about someone else! Make up a story about the people you see.
4. Distract your thoughts
5. Distract by leaving! If you have self harm items around you and you are struggling to fight the urges, get out of there!
6. Distract with chores

I hope you find this helpful and are able to use this to fight back against those self-harm or even negative depression voices!
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