Are Personality Disorders Mental Illness?

Are Personality Disorders Mental Illness?

Are personality disorders mental illness? A Personality disorder is a pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates from the expectations of a person’s culture.

Although these patterns of behavior are considered disorders in the diagnostic and statistical manual, we don’t think of them as illnesses in the same way we think of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression or even ADHD. With these illnesses we see disruptions in brain chemistry that are responsible for these illnesses. But the personality disorders are patterns of thinking and behavior that just develop with you. We all have characteristics of some of these personality disorders. We call it having certain personality features or traits. But if you have several of the traits of a particular disorder such that it causes dysfunction in all of these areas of your life, then it would be considered the disorder. So a person can have features of narcissism without having the full-blown narcissistic personality disorder.

In this video I discuss the 10 personality types and how they are clustered into groups based on characteristics they share. The 10 personality types are:
Cluster A (odd or eccentric):
Paranoid personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, Schizotypal personality disorder

Cluster B (dramatic or erratic):
Antisocial personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder

Cluster C (anxious):
Avoidant personality disorder, Dependent personality disorder, Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

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33 thoughts on “Are Personality Disorders Mental Illness?”

  1. Dr Marks
    General repair here I am honored to be on your video. It’s sad that there’s not a lot that you can do about the narcissistic personality disorder but I currently am back in counseling seeking cognitive behavioral therapy but she also works with DBT to we just did my goals and that’s where we left off I’m on my second session. Also I’m seeing a new psychiatrist because my psychiatrist after 13 years decided to move to Tallahassee and if you don’t know where that is where I grew up in Florida. Dr. Marks you really called me out really did hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t be using Siri if I knew it was going to be posted on YouTube with all the typos I was kind of ranting at that time probably in one of my emotional states . I’m using Siri now but paying attention to what I’m writing. I like that I’m dancing in the end well this is interesting from one YouTuber or to another yes I’m letting it out if you guys want to check out my channel I’m letting it out you can see me when I look like and what I do no it is not for advertisement because I only have 40 subscribers anyways I am again honored to be on this channel and I think that dr. Marks is incredibly talented in her line of work and extremely educated in which she does I have a bunch of the useless degrees that I did nothing with but she has a degree that she uses and helps others well I’m hoping to get to the point where she mentions that someday these emotions will calm down and personalities will taper off and calm down I am 39 years old and I want to be good to my family but every day is a battle in the mind it’s like I’m still fighting in a war like in The Iraq war .
    Thank you Dr. Marks so much . If anybody has any questions for me or want to chat feel free to contact me right on here if not God bless you and have a great day.

  2. I don't understand how I can have generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, pseudo bulbar affective disorder and i have had a couple of tbi's i know i am no good i don't know how my wife and kids love me can you help me understand how I can have all this

  3. I beg to differ with you sir. I have bipolar 2 disorder and I suffered for years with the wrong diagnosis. However, it doesn't have to remain this way. I got help and got well. I'm not saying the bipolar is gone. What I am saying is that I'm very happy. Everyone doesn't hate me and I like my life as a single woman. Something I discovered is that happiness came to me when I stopped chasing it. Just something to think about and I hope you find what you need.

  4. I suffer every day from major depression and BPD. Every day feels like three days, three days feels like a week and so on. I am literally suffering and cant seem to make it stop.

  5. NOT ALL BPDs find DBT helpful. Evidence shows it is no more effective than cbt, or schema. Why don’t you make a video delving into the very tragic causes of these personality disorders. I recently discovered a very clever broadcaster and comedian had a Narcissistic disorder. I also met this mans brother who had a comedic bent and was also in broadcasting. However when talking to the brother I felt an enormous amount of sadness seemingly emanating from him. I felt there had been a very very sad upbringing.

  6. NPD gets worse with age.
    Experts have pointed that out.
    I have proof from my own experience.
    My parents are 64 & 70.
    My NPD mother didn't hesitate to scapegoat me & launch her weapon, her impulsive & NPD husband on me. Brutally attacking me. I called the police.
    NO. Not all Cluster B fade away with age

  7. How do you separate ASD from multiple diagnoses given from childhood? I have been taken to doctors since age 4 (I am 59). In my early 30s, I was diagnosed with dysthymia, then major depression, then psychotic depression. I was then diagnosed with bipolar 1, but then was changed to schizophrenia and OCD, then that was changed to add borderline personality, then again was changed to schizoaffective D/O and OCD. I have been tried on a myriad of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotic drugs, hospitalized, given different types of therapy, and even ECT with not a lot of improvement. Psychiatrists told me in 2005 that I would alway be in/ out of hospital, on meds, and never be able to work again as schizoaffective D/O has no cure. I have been off meds since 2005, not been in hospital since 2001, and have worked full time since 2005. Family members have told me they think I have Asperger Syndrome and have probably been misdiagnosed since childhood. I have taken several online ASD tests and have scored very high for ASD traits. Is it possible that I have been wrongly diagnosed my entire life?

  8. Im pretty sure my sons father has narcissistic personality disorder . he takes everything to the extreme and never admits he is wrong. I'm always the issue, even when I admit my faults and apologize. I keep trying to reach out and beg for harmonious coparenting but it never seems to last too long. I'm at the point where I could follow all the rules he creates but then is detrimental to my own mental health. On the other hand when I stick up for myself it just makes things 10 times worse with him. Do you have any advice how to manage interactions with somebody with narcissistic personality disorder?

  9. 'People with ASPD generally don't want to be helped' – doesn't that seems a little broad and dismissive? I'm curious if there is anything that WOULD help someone with ASPD, assuming that they want it.

  10. Doc are these personality disorders inherited by you know like my grandmother was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and I have it? I'm sorry I just had to watch this video again

  11. Some talk therapists don't have empathy and can make the situation worse if you get a shit therapist. Some counsellors are also just as devoid of empathy and be judgemental pricks. Sometimes the advice is not relevant to your circumstances especially if you're autistic and don't know it, a counsellor wouldn't understand that because they prefer to deal with allistic people. Often autistic/Asperger syndrome people get misdiagnosed as having one of the above personality disorders when autissm/Asperger syndrome s a developmental disability like mental acceleration or a learning disability (UK) is.

  12. Hello dr marks am a scots man in my 40 teens watched video came across it randomly in thanks for trying too explain things diagnose it’s helpful too make things clearer for people humans too understand in perceive or say come too terms with things in as u mentioned in use a main man as ur title too the topic as too use humans having personality issues concerns well all say I too was diagnosed with his symptoms condition all say , in all most definitely mention that I have become in this way because off having human interactions in all say that as far as am concerned the society that I grow up in or say like school was or were full off people with personality issues in as usual they pass on there negative thoughts or emotions onto other humans people whom live on this so called planet that we live on as ie Mother Earth , all say we mostly know that the earth is round but let’s just think what shape is the universe, in yes we don’t know in probably will never know the universes shape but well all keep going as it flows , my issues arise from dealing with a multitude off off “problomatic”people as this planet are full off them in can see it daily in the social society that we live in , all say that I feel really I am just standing up for myself in yes putting my points across in yes well we can’t truly tell humans what too do but so much do , we all have the true life force within ourselves too comprehend in come too terms with what we are experiencing or going throw , in all mention also it’s not always ourselves that have the issues but it’s others negative thoughts emotions re that they target at other people humans, just have too learn how too help along the way ,if u get now where walk away from them in heal ur self overcome those fears or feelings say , we are born into onto this planet with nothing in we leave this planet earth with nothing but, knowledge ,within ourselves, emotions, feeling, in memories , it’s all as too how we live our life in how we live our life on our journey between this time that makes all the difference too others , all mention humans animals all creatures in even everyday everything that needs the sun,moon,wind,air, as too live there very own journey off there life ,thanks for going throw all off these so long words that no one ever learned at school or were even aware off while growing up , I am a spiritual scots or Scottish man with his very own teaching in understanding in even thoughts , in all say also that yes I have slowed down in life o Er the last few years as I have burnt myself right out , re the work loads that life in society’s pressures put onto us , in well now am on disability benefits because off being chronically ill , never thought I would ever be hear as I was well more fitter in health than so much other humans I have ever dealt with but well yes , I was took out in made too stop in all had too be done by my very own will power in stamina, it’s quite long ish so all stop now cheers for video again in well without technology couldn’t have been possible, but most definitely will say that technology has caused a multitude off these kind off issues way more than what past years have ever done, so good luck too u on your journey, in love&light from scots guy, in o as I freeze in think what else can I add well , that glass off wine is only a third full , why because , all glass is a glass so really an empty glass that’s full off fresh air so as u add the quantity off wine most off the air is removed, so if u put the same amount in it then it still won’t be right full too the tip rim in be over spilling , as like ur video it’s mainly made as society in the humans that live in it are overflowing in the thoughts in emotional state , now I have switched off o the internet news in even places where I go so other wards turned back the clock too when I was more like living my life like a child as before all off the pressure off life , that’s put on us as adults, it’s a way better way too live ur life in all definitely say healing from within more than u think , just simply by removing so much off life’s challenges in removing itself from society , control what u do, go, watch , in definitely remember that time has no meaning as time was invented too control humans in even keep them under control, sun in moon is the life cycle, in yes have done rather a lot off day shift jobs in night shift work incase your thinking, best regards am away now L&L fae scots guy

  13. Dr. Marks thanks for this video I am highly interested in this disorder my husband and I have both grown up in disfuntional abusive and neglective families. With alot of mental health history in our family. I do not want any of this to effect our future but my husband seems to have a lot of issues still unresolved from his childhood he shows 3 of the clusters you have shown when we where younger I brushed it off as not being mature.As we get older I feel it got worse I don't know what else I can do for him he's a good person but I feel like with such negativity and lashing out IDK if I really want to continue to put more time in something I feel I will always lose at. Is there any hope in finding a solution for him to be a more positive person for our children. I don't want our destructive childhoods to effect our children and continue the cycle I so desperately want to end!! I'm wondering if it's something he can help he is aware of or something simple that is hard wired. Thank you

  14. There is more to personality disorder then I thought. Thanks for the round-up of the problem. Makes you feel more normal, just having emotions. A big problem that doesn't seem as much. I still wonder about what personality disorder's and disassociation have ,seem to have a lot to do with each other.

  15. I have borderline personality disorder and I used to have autism or so they thought. Still to this day they beleive i had autism at one point but no longer. With this combined, I cannot hold a job or make friends easilly or seem to end up in trouble. Ie I could be standing in the mall finishing my soda and somehow a weird series of events will land me in the line of fire. Gave birth the other day. Went under general anesthesia for an emergancy c section. Unfortunately somehow I ended up getting CPS called on me saying I'm starving my newborn which was twisted from me asking when feeding time was. I didnt do anything to stand out (and I even verified this with my fiance) thankfully the case will be closed and I was able to take maddison home with me but somehow bad luck always follows me. I read I have only a 2% success rate at being a good mother with BPD included was many statistics. I'm a brand new mother and although I know personally I'm doing an excellent job, I feel like BPD has ruined my life and is setting me up for failure even though I no longer have any active symptoms of it and havent for over a year and a half. I feel like people can sense that I am different and prey upon me but I can not confirm or deny it but at every job I had I would try different things and suggestions of job coaches but I lost every job. It was to the point where the job coach told me I needed to apply for disability which I went through about 5 more jobs including some careers before getting SSDI.

    They say inner reflection is best. I'm not sure how the way I am gets me into so much trouble. I tried to find a fault in myself for losing all those jobs, even asking what I did wrong. One manager was having a day day screamed at me I cried she cornered me and hover over me I got freighted and screamed she called the cops telling them to shoot and kill me and I was almost arrested till I made the cop laugh. Not sure how I couldnt be charged with trespassing if she pushed me out the door and locked it so I couldn't grab my phone and keys.

    Anyway everywhere I go u have bad luck. I want to change it so my daughter doesnt suffer. Any suggestions?

    Another example

  16. What is the difference between schizophrenia and a schizo personality disorder?

    I was diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia (schizoaffective?) But I'm confused as there doesn't seem to be much difference.

  17. Can you have cluster A paranoid disorder mixed with cluster B borderline? You say that combinations may occur, mostly within the clusters, but I have a dear family member who suffers extremely from the belief that she is being talked about and incessantly criticized while embodying the characteristics of borderline. Perhaps the paranoia only SEEMS to be present, being similar to the incredible terrible esteem issues that manifest through surprising accusations that she is being mistreated (this idea of being mistreated includes a violent disappointment that she is not treated like royalty; a belief that often leads her to behave in shockingly cruel ways. One of my cousins describes being physically shaken and unable to return to her former activity after an interaction). My family's loved one is 55, and at this time I don't believe there is hope that we can support her to gain a healthier perception of her life. It seems that her behavior only worsens with the passage of time. Can it be that her disorder will reach a pitch and finally collapse, being too unsustainable? I don't know. It seems that her atrocious fits of temper fuel her in a way, that she derives a kind of power from them. She is an attractive, charismatic individual, and the people in her life would forgive her transgressions at the drop of a hat if she ever sought reconciliation in a real way. Today, though, the majority of us feel extremely anxious, even unsafe, and quite confused and defensive around her. I love her, so I am always on the lookout for better approaches, but I am one of the individuals she hates most, so all I can do is improve upon myself in order to offer better responses in the future. There are times I wonder if she might even suffer from a mental illness as well. She talks about parasites coming out of her eyes (she acquired parasites during a trip overseas), and shitting a snake; and she is attracted to shamanistic practices, and casting spells. I think we are in way over our heads.

  18. Curious about how avoidant personality disorder can be coped with- and how to live with people who have personality disorders, are there strategies for each type? Thx, your videos are fascinating!

  19. Thank you Dr. Tracey, i would like to understand more. For example, if a bipolar person during his hypo-manic episode gets arrogant and overconfident and showy, is it due to the illness or their personality? Or both?

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