Artist Illustrates Mental Illness And Disorders In His Own Personal Depictions

Artist Illustrates Mental Illness And Disorders In His Own Personal Depictions

Artist Illustrates Mental Illness And Disorders In His Own Personal Depictions

And in recent time we have seen how people have contributed and played their part in spreading awareness about it. Today, we will be sharing with you something similar. A UK-based artist has illustrated what’s it like inside the mind of people suffering from different disorders.

This UK-based artist from NeverStayDead makes comics and illustrations belonging to different categories, and each one of them has a different meaning. But today, we are explicitly focusing and discussing about mental health so scroll on below and take a look at the following illustrations.

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These Illustrations About Mental Illness And Their Accurate Depictions Say It All


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38 thoughts on “Artist Illustrates Mental Illness And Disorders In His Own Personal Depictions”

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  2. Idk if u can call it anxiety or a panic disorder that I have. Oof
    it doesn’t happen that often anymore (I has a therapist)
    I used to cry and scream and tell my mom to take me to the doctor (ofc she said “no” cause she already knew what was wrong with me and she didn’t want to waste any money oof.)cause I felt like I was gonna die. I was 11 when that started happening to me. (I is 12 now :p)
    It felt like couldn’t breathe. It got so bad that I started to gag every time I ate thinking that I’d have another panic attack and feel sick.

    And you better not tell me, “Oh stop lying you do not have anxiety, you’re lying.” Stfu. You don’t know what goes on in my life.

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