CarnivoryCon 2019: Georgia Ede, MD — “The Brain Needs Meat: Mental Health Benefits of the Carnivore…

CarnivoryCon 2019: Georgia Ede, MD — “The Brain Needs Meat: Mental Health Benefits of the Carnivore…

Dr. Georgia Ede, MD, is a Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist based in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. Her interest in nutrition arose after discovering a new way of eating that reversed several bewildering health problems she had developed in her early 40′s, including fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS.

Dr. Ede acquired her bachelor’s in biology from Carleton College in Minnesota. Then for seven years she worked as a research assistant in the fields of biochemistry, diabetes and wound healing. She earned her M.D. from the University of Vermont and completed her residency in general adult psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital in 2002.

After five years in general practice, she joined Harvard University Health Services from 2007 to 2013 as a staff psychopharmacologist and was the first psychiatrist there to offer nutrition consultation as an option to students, faculty and staff with mental health concerns.

From 2013 to June 2018 she was the psychiatrist for Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she provided nutrition consultation as well as medication and psychotherapy services to Smith students.

Now Dr. Ede devotes all of her time to nutritional psychiatry and directs her efforts on studying, writing, and speaking about the strong scientific connection between food and brain health.

She provides nutrition consultation services to those wishing to improve their mental health through diet as well as to clinicians who would like to implement dietary strategies into their practice. You can learn more about this service at


38 thoughts on “CarnivoryCon 2019: Georgia Ede, MD — “The Brain Needs Meat: Mental Health Benefits of the Carnivore…”

  1. Can I use meat bone broth that was made with some vegetables for taste? I mean, those veggies can have loads of antinutrient and could make a problem? Or is it fine as long as I dont eat em, only made used in broth?

  2. 34:30 to 35:00. The reason for not being able to manage plant toxins is because of parasites. Parasites are the only reason. Parasites come from eating raw plants. The next big frontier of science will be managing the pathogens in the digestive system, organs, blood, and brain. We are barbaric in our outright ignorance of the parasite epidemic. See the book "The Parasite Menace." See Jim Humble's book: "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook."

  3. Thank you Amber and Dr.Ede. You answered the last question I had regarding the Carnivore Diet. Whether to drop Flaxseed Oil or not. I start the complete diet tomorrow. For the last month I have been able to stop all processed foods. Have eaten a little veg and fruit just because I thought I had to even though my stomach doesn’t like either. Switched to cream-line sheep’s milk (I make my own cheese) as I am hoping to be able to hang on to dairy but will drop it if I have to.

  4. I grew up on a farm in Southeast, Texas. My parents were hippies I guess because they wanted all natural everything and read the Mother Earth magazine like it was the Bible. So our 4 acre farm was completely organic. We had steak nearly every night. We lived close enough to the Gulf of Mexico to get shrimp and fish, but not as often as beef or chicken. We were all super health and thin. I joined the Army and ate that food for 5 years. I did eat in the dining hall for every meal. I loved it because they had all kinds of food and it was free. The last year of the Army, I volunteer ed to go to Honduras. Due to limited food on my work hours (let's just say I had NO salt or caffeine). I did get meat. I felt amazing and lost symptoms of PMS, which are monthly mood swings?.

    I went to a private University in Texas after those 5 yrs and again, ate from the dining hall for 4 years. But this time, no one really measured my food. They gave you whatever you wanted. This whole time, I was running cross country…. my whole life. I began to gain weight as soon as I got out of the Army. Not much but some. So my theory is that running moves something out of the body.

    Then nightmare. I had a horrible horse accident 2 years after college. The running stopped. I met people who ate Pl ant based diets, I live in Austin so lots of plant based eaters here.

    This is a long story to say that I am living proof that plant based diet only changed me. I started eating meat a week ago and cut carbs completely and I feel very different. I was focused, and didn't feel, depressed.

    I could say more, but this is too long. I am 50 and I have stories of me on a donut or rice binge and how I felt. Then if I have apple and carrot juice how I felt. My parents still eat only farm m raised food. They are healthy. My brother and I left and we are not in the best health.

    I am very interested in the sodium in the cells. My brother and I both seem to have high blood pressure, which seems to be linked to health in many ways.

  5. I've just started eating pretty much a 98% meat diet seven days ago. I started vlogging about it because I am shocked at how amazing I feel. I just can't believe it. I only have a piece of fruit after dinner and the rest of the day is meat.

  6. Too much fat in the blood from meat will restrict the blood flow to the brain . This can lead to small vessel disease causing cognitive difficulties and if severe enough it will develop into vascular dementia . Glucose is the primary fuel source for every cell in the body and the brain.

  7. I was friends with Jay Kordich , the juice man, really nice man . He was a vegan who lived to 92 however his mind went and I remember his wife panicking not understanding what happened to him. Within a few months he was gone . The theory I had is that the juices he was taking daily spiked his insulin levels and caused glycation and the lack of fat caused brain shrinkage .

  8. Did anything big happen around the time you stopped being able to tolerate plants?
    Studying diet as it relates to holistic health since many years, trying to make connections. The carnivory trend is faschinating, and well justified. Looking from a far though, on a screen… Well leads me to that question. Still trying to figure this holistic health and diet puzzle out.

  9. I’ve been on the SAD diet, ive been on the keto diet, I’ve been on the vegan diet, I’ve been on the carnivore diet (currently). My depression and anxiety have never been better than they are now, and I’ve never been more muscular. I also find it way easier to concentrate when meditating, and I stopped smoking weed because I no longer needed it to feel “good”. Also my skin has never looked better. Go get some meat and then eat it.

  10. Really interesting. I saw a couple of fascinating interviews that Joe Rogan did with Dr Jordan Peterson and then his daughter where they both had incredible outcomes that addressed not only their physical health but their mental well being Dr Peterson couldn't explain why he felt so good from being on it so it's great to understand some of the science and associations as to why it helps….

  11. This is a conference for and of carnivores. And here is this woman spending her time trying to convince the audience of the advantages of eating meat
    So you have to wonder about the status of her mental health, don’t you

  12. I have tested extensively on myself for three decades. A decade ago got the mosquito bite of my life resulting in ME and MCAS syndromes, Including a TBI as a result. By far the most helpful therapies in my slow recovery have been rare pastured red meat and full body mid day sunshine. These are what I feel the most direct benefit from, also nutrient dense foods like eggs and good fats including many animal fats, Coconut, hemp, avocado, and olive oils if its pure, Never use it for cooking.

  13. Not withstanding the dire need for transformed agricultural practice globally – MEAT is a word with EAT in it for a reason … I’m 51 – I’m a meat eater – High carb low fat minimal meat diets fucked me up seriously … carbs mostly got me obese and diabetic T2D … I’m Keto 4 life now and I fast … but MEAT I EAT for anti depression…

    Meat is great for sex too – I know – I’ve done the research … for years … ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. im the only vegan in my fam but my 23 year old daughter has been affected by celiac and her teeth are rotting. she stays in bed w a computer most of the time. cutting out gluten doesn't seem to change her. I told her to try carnivore for a while but she says steak hurts her stomach.

  15. My 19 year old daughter is struggling with bipolar and possibly schizophrenia. These issues are common on her mother’s side of the family. Strangely enough so is IBS and other stomach disorders. I sent her a link to this presentation I can only hope she will give it some real consideration. I am 99% carnivore and feel amazing. I feel sharp, energized and have a general feeling of wellbeing. I’m 47 years old have a physical job and lift weights all with nearly zero carbs. Carnivore for life thanks for all you do

  16. Maybe meat only heals but it’s obviously an extreme elimination diet. This lady is a fake scientist. Scientists are supposed to disprove their own hypothesis and this one is easy… there are many high functioning people who eat “plant based” and don’t even eat meat so what’s the deal there??

  17. Good luck with the roto rooter (Poop Chute) visits to the doctor. That is caused by that dead flesh putrefying in your digestive track. Some people enjoy a stranger poking around and burning stuff in there.

  18. Interesting even if this needs lot more research. Specially as the humanbrain is fascinating, there are many examples if if we are really into something we can imagine something having more effect than it has(the placebo effect)., perhaps as much it could actuallyaffects our brain and body in a positive way for real. But I find it really interesting that many say the carnivore diet has helped with their autoimmune diseases and allergies, hopefully we get some actual research too.Not that I don't believe people, I just always want to read some proof specially about new things anda specially diet, so much different information you get nuts. How hard can it be to agree about something as basic as human diet haha.

  19. Haha even the name says its a "Carnivory CON" lol. If you bring back some brain cells back to life, you can clearly see humans are primarly fruit eaters, some vegeatbles, and some plants in moderation won't kill ya. But to believe you're a natural flesh hunting predator is way beyond flat earth.

  20. Hi Dr. Georgia Ede, that was a great video, thank you. I was wondering if you could share some information on how the Carnivore diet might help with brain fog. I was on antidepressants and ADHD stimulants for over 10 years and a year ago I weaned myself off those meds and I have had incessant brain fog plus depression and anxiety ever since. I'm unsure wether it has been caused by the meds themselves or something else. People keep advising me to go back on the meds but I am against medication and would like to believe that diet can help. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated. Also, how long would the healing process take and will my brain ever be the same again? Thank you.

  21. what about battery farming and ethics? does any of this give us the right to systematically abuse animals, or do we need an alternative (perhaps lab-grown meat)? is the mental health of animals of no consequence? knowledge is power, but so is empathy!

  22. A high carb high seed oil based diet is certainly not a natural diet for the human species since we have only adopted it for the last 5000 years after farming was introduced. I am not sure that a carnivore (high protein) diet is natural for our species either. In our evolutionary cradle in Africa where we evolved, about 2 million years ago when we moved onto the African plains, we switched from a monkey diet of nuts, fruits, seeds and flowers, and small insects and lizards to a meat eating staple diet, supplemented by occasional binges on fruits and seeds when these came into season. In addition, our hunting methods would probably result in fat making up a large amount of our food intake rather than protein even in Africa where animals do not store large amounts of fat as body fat as they do in colder seasonal climates. The reason for this is that we are very poor sprinters and cannot catch most prey animals by running faster than them. There were only three hunting techniques we could use to hunt:

    1. Hot weather endurance running to force prey animals into exhaustion or heat stroke. This is the one area where humans beat every other animal – even other endurance specialists like horses, wolves and dogs. Horses, wolves and dogs can outrun humans in cold weather endurance running in anything under about 10 miles, but in hot weather human beings are supreme due to their vertical posture which catches less sun, and their ability to sweat. It is unlikely that this method of hunting would work outside in the colder climates outside Africa. The speed at which humans are also more efficient runners than horses, wolves and dogs, and their running speed seems to be set at the speed where 4 legged animals are forced to break into a trot, which is their most inefficient running speed. Large carnivore competitors would also be inactive in the peak midday heat, so this would also be a safer time to hunt.
    2. Ambush hunting. This could take place for example in narrow passages where animals migrate. In the open African savanna ambush would not have been possible, and this could take place only at a few times of the year when animals migrate through narrow passes, so in Africa, this would not have been a staple for our ancestors. The neanderthals in Europe would have been able to use this as a staple if they were able to ambush prey at narrow passes or woodland during seasonal migrations, and used the cold weather to freeze the carcasses to last them over the whole winter. Scavenging animals would not be able to access the frozen carcasses, but the neanderthals could be able to defrost and eat the meat using fire. It is likely therefore that neanderthals consumed a larger proportion of carbohydrate than human hunters did.
    3. Chasing other predators from their kills. . This would probably have been the staple method by which we obtained most of our food for most of the last 2 million years. It is not as energy intensive as running down prey to exhaustion, and it is relatively safe if it was done by a large number of people, especially if they used fire to intimidate the carnivores. Stealing kills from other animals involves spotting vultures circling, and heading in their direction to the kill. Most kills would take place at night and would be stripped of meat, and even those that took place during the day would be stripped of most of their meat by the time they got there. This wouldn't have been a major problem for our ancestors though, because in most cases the bone marrow and brain tissue would not have been consumed as only a few animals (such as hyenas) can break the thick bones of large herbivores to get at it, and humans with heavy stones to break open bones and skulls were much better at it. Bone marrow and brain tissue has a very high fat content.

    This hypothesis that low card, moderate protein, high fat diet is our "normal" diet, and the modern high carb standard diet is abnormal falls in with our biology:
    – We are adapted to be healthy and able to manage our weight and wellbeing on a very low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet.

    – We binge on fruit and seeds when they appear and we switch to a binge mode, where we burn glucose as far as possible, and then cram as much of it into our livers and then our fat cells when this source of food briefly appears.
    – Our body's hunger and metabolic mechanisms can't control our weight properly, and we are prone to binge when exposed to this "carbs and sugars" diet, and this diet is seriously damaging to our health if we stay on it constantly, but that did not matter in our prehistory because we could never exposed to this diet for long as fruits and seeds would only appear for a short period every year, and binging was the appropriate response when these resources were suddenly available.

  23. I think we all have to find out what works for ourselves and stick to it. If carnivore works for you then eat meat. If vegan or vegetarian (i know they are two different types of lifestyles) then eat that. If you eat a mixed diet and it doesn't affect your health, physical or mental, then eat meat and vegies and dairy. Im 37 this year and have been diagnosed with bipolar spectrum disorder for ten years. My health hss worsened in the last 5 years where i cannot tolerate lactose from dairy or gluten from grains. I had no idea of the scientific opinion that there may be a link between bipolar and both lactose and gluten. I will be researching it for myself as the bipolar i have is rapid cycling and treatment resistant.

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