Cessation of Narcissists + Mental Health Duo

Cessation of Narcissists + Mental Health Duo

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Description: This track is designed to keep narcissists from hurting anyone and you as the listener. This also contains affirmations for improving mental health. The one who purchased this sub allowed me to share this to my channel. Thank you very much!

You can listen to this as is, or you can layer this with any music of your choice.

Download this sub: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xsNQlhxJKYgc3KAW0KxhXR_FzWjB6cqz/view?usp=sharing

(Upgraded one day formula)
– Built in mini booster
– LoA accelerator
– Emotional blockages remover
– Mental blockages remover
– Overall higher vibration
– Boost in self esteem, self acceptance, self love and self confidence
– Stop and cease any and all narcissists from hurting you and others any further.
– Repel, deflect and be free from all narcissists
– Rid and be clear of toxicity in your life
– Rid and be clear of any hatred and anger
– Heal, release, clear, and be highly resistant and immune from anxiety
– Heal, release, clear, and be highly resistant and immune from depression
– Release, clear, and be free from any and all fear, traumas and attachments
– Release, clear, and be free from past childhood traumas
– Always feel and experience high vibration emotions all the time (greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy)
– Be mentally stronger more and more every day
– Become a stronger individual
– Be super physically stronger, mentally stronger, emotionally stronger, and spiritually stronger
– Overall motivation boost
– Always be motivated to accomplish everything you put your mind in to
– Always be motivated to accomplish all your goals all the time
– Accept happiness and abundance in to your life
– Fast and permanent results

[!] Instructions:
1. Listen to a booster first.
2. Then listen to this 3-6 times. The more, the better to really embed all the affirmations in your subconscious mind.


48 thoughts on “Cessation of Narcissists + Mental Health Duo”

  1. I need this <3 I had to deal with narcissists in the past and I don't need them in my life again…+it will help my mental health, so this sub is perfect^-^ Thanks for making such amazing subliminals <3

  2. can you please please add affirmations for stopping narcissists from financially abusing you and taking your property. and also usually they will demand anything they bought for you back if you try to move out and move on from them and i need my data plan to keep in touch with the world and people who can help me. like i don’t have a job and my parents are really narcissistic and evil they try to isolate me by taking my stuff and data plan, money even hiding food. i’d love it if you could add affirmations for financial independence and getting a job bc i don’t wanna be isolated or homeless because of my parents. this is all over the place but i hope u get what i mean

  3. Could you make a video for bigger lips (in shape and plump) and Darker skin like tanned skin, im way too damn pale – people often think im sick 😭
    Edit there are no "bigger lips subliminals" without "plump" in them ((with rain or water sounds)) am i confused or something?

  4. wow thank you so much, this will go so well with my therapy treatment. I’m so grateful, really. despite the fact that my narcissistic mother is out of my life, I’m still dealing with trauma and anxiety because i was always made to believe that I was always doing something wrong. since I’m also aware that children of narcissists can take on some traits of the parent, im trying my best to transcend from it all. my siblings and I all have traits from her one of them worse and rest of us better . so yea, thank you for this really.

  5. I do have a request… I sweat wayyy too much so if ever you have time or what can you please make a subliminal to reduce sweating because it’s so annoying to stink all the time… especially at school

    I’ve tried the other subliminals on this topic but they don’t work

  6. Thankyou breakfast play…I've requested something similar on your community post few days back.. thankyou very much
    Also thanks to person who allowed to share💞

  7. Omg 😮 now this is amazing because I just ended my relationship 6 days ago with my X who has full blown narcissistic personality disorder. Was an extremely toxic relationship, extremely draining. I met him 9 months ago, a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Extremely wealthy , Christian man, I was fooled, I fell in love with a fantasy, he is controlling, tells me how to dress, tells me how to talk, gets jealous over anything that’s not about him, I’m a model for a living, he would stress me out before a photo shoot. Call me during a shoot, try to make me feel guilty because I’m a model, I’m an empath,so I seem to draw these typos men to me. Our last time together I told him it’s over, he drained to the point that I felt my life draining from me, when I told him it’s over , it hurt , but I had to get him out my life. Then this video come to me tonight, this is beyond a sighn!!!!!! Thank God you created this! And thank God the person was nice enough to let you share this with us. I hope everyone feels amazing and healing from this. Take care and God bless. Your number one fan😘😘 breakfast 😘

  8. Oh wow I love my angels ❤️❤️ I was trying to figure out whether I should keep listening to a “twin flame” sub or listen to a “let go of the past” sub, so I’m definitely taking this as a sign!!❤️

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