FEELING BLUE? Mental Health at Cambridge University | Documentary

FEELING BLUE? Mental Health at Cambridge University | Documentary

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Luke Naylor-Perrott – Director/Creator/Editor/Producer/Writer/Camera Operator
Jay Richardson – Composer/Producer/Writer
Natalia Hussein – Design/Publicity/Co-Producer/Co-Writer
Lucy Alphonse– Producer/Presenter/Co-Writer/Publicity
Lily Baldwin – Writer/Co-Producer/Camera Operator
Anthony Baston – Creator/Presenter/Co-Producer
Katie Gibson & Anna Gibbons – Researchers
Sam Ellwood & Evelina Gumileva – Camera Operators

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25 thoughts on “FEELING BLUE? Mental Health at Cambridge University | Documentary”

  1. You know its really hard to adjust from school to university…..you go from being herded from class to class by a bell at school to being dumped into lectures no structure and self study i struggled myself at 18 i finished and passed my course but it was really tough…….

  2. You are so stressed because you choose to care what degree you want. You think that if you have a 2.2 someone will judge you and think you're not good enough, but it's nothing like that. I wish that any of the Cambridge students could come to a Romanian University to see how much information is given to us too and how students deal with it. I don't think that at Cambridge, a teacher publishes right before an exam a 400 pages course and you have to learn it in two weeks notice.I think there's a problem of perspective too and I think that you put on yourselves too much pressure. If I'm mistaken then there's my bad, but this is just my opinion and untill I see exactly how much worload do you have I don't think I can make an accurate comparison.

  3. More people NEED to watch this video, the problems described at Cambridge aren't exclusive to Cambridge, but no student deserves the treatment and lack of support described.
    I'm sure there are many lovely counselors and people there who are trying hard to support students, but there NEEDS to be more access to those services, and people claiming it's fine even when they have students complaining (and rightfully so) is so dismissive.
    I really hope that changes are made following this video (as I want to apply to Cambridge this year but my mental health is struggling as it is with the pressures of A levels)

  4. I think there are 2 main messages in this documentary:
    1) They are arguing the University should take more measures to prevent mental health issues developing and becoming seriously out of hand
    2) I don't think they're putting people off of applying, but instead showing the reality of Oxbridge and that it isn't a Utopia. It is very much a place of work. For many, it becomes too much. I think this is a message to prospective students as much as it is to the University, that they should be warned and raring to go if they apply. It shouldn't be somewhere to apply just because you're smart.
    I think we should be grateful that this video has been produced regardless of what happens because it opens up our eyes as to what the University of Cambridge (and indeed Oxford) is like, and by watching this people can make more informed decisions about applying.

  5. I feel so bad for the guy that has to keep rowing a secret. It definitely is weird. I'm from Australia and we get encouraged to balance our interests, be active. Playing a sport and having hobbies is preferable and will help you start up conversations even with academics. As for the lack of mental health and disability support, I'm genuinely speechless. Guess I expected so much more from an institution like Cambridge. There's something wrong with a system that forces you to let go of everything just to be able to stay on top of work.

    btw Paige sent me here haha

  6. I watched the documentary and I have one question. With such short terms and excessive work load because of the short terms does a student have the time to actually learn properly, have the time to consolidate what they have learnt, have time to improve their essay techniques etc or are they just skimming over a heap of work and putting together a stack of unpolished essays that they are going to forget about in a few weeks because they haven't had the time to really delve into the topic and really understand it in depth? To me that is not learning. That video has put me off Cambridge. It is not getting the best out of its students.

  7. Paige sented me here. Right now almost every student is stressed because its exam season by the way im not a college student but by the look of the students you can tell they are pretty stressed and FEEL BLUUE

  8. Everyone is blaming each other and the teachers are keep saying “oh well its a part of life to be stressed” that is true but if you are willing to push your students to point of breaking your students down that isnt normal. That is just abuse, stress shouldnt be a part of driving students to their best. Stress destroys our mind and slowly makes us more vulnerable and unstable. If they are going to use the excuse “well if they dont stress out they wont do their best, like look at the results” this excuse just shows how messed up your morals are. Does a school’s reputation matter more than the well-being of their students? I really am just enraged about this, this needs to change, rather than just saying “oh this is how its always been” they need to change this. If this is how one of the best universities environment is, is it even worth going there? Just how important is education that we need to destroy our mental health for it? -opinion of a student

  9. You are all amazing intelligent people with an understanding of how many of us live with depression I send you all love and say this …… let’s not think about this too much this whole system of super rich accommodation high pressure life YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER TO PERGAPS A SMALL SELF SIPORTING COMMINITY

  10. Thank you for giving a voice to all of us who went through this experience, and knew this reality of Cambridge. These voices represent so many of my friends and colleagues who were battered by the experience of being here.

  11. Thank you so much for making this video.
    I'm a mum of a third year HSPS student who reached mental 'shut down' point just before final exams a couple of weeks ago, couldn't get the coursework done and has left and applied to intermit which we will be assessed on 31st May, although she had to leave immediately. This has been building for two years. She loves Cambridge, appreciates her supervisors, tutors and DoS's, has worked so very hard and really genuinely cares about the subjects and studies. I think her experience will reflect many other students in that she was always behind and then – despite continual work – felt she was just perhaps too disorganised, lazy, not good enough to be there etc etc. and didn't feel she had a right to seek help either as felt other people must have much worse problems than she did.
    She assumed she would just manage to pull it together when the time came, fired up by motivation, but went the opposite way 🙁 Whilst it is easy, of course, for me to tell her she is not a 'failure' and her happiness and wellbeing is so much more important than any degree, my daughter naturally feels rather defeated and this video has been so reassuring for her. THANK YOU for caring enough to produce this. I am sure it will be helpful in all areas to address this issue!

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