How Etika's Mental Health Went Unchecked

How Etika's Mental Health Went Unchecked

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41 thoughts on “How Etika's Mental Health Went Unchecked”

  1. Update:
    I was informed about two things that I got wrong.
    1. Etika wasn't playing Splatoon the night of his death. It was mistake that, because he showed up on AlicePika's friends list first, it meant he was online recently. It just meant that he was the most recent friend she played with.
    2. Etika's brother didn't commit suicide, but instead he died due to an asthma attack while driving through a sandstorm in Ghana. I still believe this trauma affected him greatly, but this is an important distinction to make.

    Sorry for getting this stuff wrong, I'll make sure to dig deeper into these sort of things in the future. Love you guys. <3

  2. i wonder how those people that thought calling etika a troll and an attention seeker feel right now, they're killers in my eyes and you have to live with that fact till you just like etika, die.

  3. There's so much humanity can do together

    That there had to be balance through humanity doing quite the worst of s**t united.
    I'm not trying to say humanity is garbage, but the group of people egging Etika to die just for the sake of being on a one way hype train…
    Those observers are completely, and utterly useless.

  4. I miss him I’ve been watching for so long I was just hoping he would show up again after being missing like he has other times I was looking through twitter when they announced that it was his body it hurt to see.

  5. I never understood why Etica was being harassed so much~ even if he was lying for entertainment that's what we watch YouTube for~ nobody got mad at mcjuggernugget for the entire time he took us for a ride on YouTube about his insane family I will never understand why we lost such a great and entertaining man named ETIKA……. Rest in peace my boi…….

  6. I like this video. The details and information about Etika kinda relates with me.

    I like to make friends, I tried to make people get my attention, I'm so talented and sort of popular towards my "friends" and companions by entertaining them and I always go crazily angry. However, those things (except my anger) were rejected and thrown away by those I tried to get attention with. I keep admitting towards my friends that I have mental illness, but they think I don't.

    To me, I think I'm mentally ill, because I'm dealing with frustrating and big things that make me feel more angry and more out of control. Heck, right now, I'm trying to get a few people to voice act for my characters in my new game, but none of them dont want to. I asked a girl who I really like and really trust and she ultimately rejects my fucking request. It just made me more frustrated and more angry, that I want to break something valuable of mine. But right now, as a freshman, I'm calming myself down because of Health Class.

  7. I'm rewatching this after a few months, I wasn't like a huge fan of etika but I did enjoy his content and when I watched him I never got the feeling of his fans hating him I thought people loved him.

  8. Heh… I can't believe he just died,
    My life got really more depressed. When he was still alive He helped me forget that I got bullied & Abused. right now I feel really lonely without him

    Rest In Peace Etika Thank you for everything I hope you have a good day in heaven

  9. Dude he has the sickest most BADASS looking hair ever and yet…..he dies because he can't take it from society and his mental illness grow worst and worst and yes you should be loved and this is one of the reasons why I wanna learned about mental health illness to guide them a better place.

  10. I'm hearing you say "but because he wasn't in a straight jacket…" And while I know what you're trying to say, if he got arrested over that then he most likely got a 5150 and was put in the psyche ward for 72 hours. Isn't that enough of a wake up call for people even though he's "not in a straight jacket"? This is just the way I feel about it, no criticism towards you it's moreso to the alleged fans that ignored it if I'm getting what happened to him correctly. I don't know what this guy dealt with but mania is a very real thing- people with bipolar go through bouts of mania for long periods of time- maybe days, weeks, and then they can hit manic depression for days, weeks. Which is why people with psychiatric conditions typically need antipsychotics and or mood stabilizers to even them out. I think you are SO true about people not understanding mental/psychiatric conditions. People DO only selfishly think about themselves.

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