Juice WRLD Talks Mental Health, Heartbreak, Nicki Minaj, New Music + More


Juice WRLD drops in to talk balancing and showing your emotions as a man. The rapper also explains where he draws inspiration from for the sad music he makes.

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Juice WRLD Talks Mental Health, Heartbreak, Nicki Minaj, New Music + More

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  1. NintendoBoi says

    I’m on ADHD pills now and because of it I have no friends and now I just depressed.?

  2. Black Kbn says

    He ain't even from Chicago he from the suburbs

  3. Dunkzilla42 says

    19:30 for the Nicki slander

  4. GhostTheIncredible says

    Cant believe that Bibby actually discovered and signed him!

  5. TalksWith Tee says

    Love him! He’s so talented

  6. Slovak Slaps says

    Juice makes me happy.

  7. geor says

    Am i the only one that noticed he moves his eyes weirdly?
    Or rather the lack of their movement sometimes…
    He does it in his freestyles more, you can really see what i mean when he does those.

  8. trap kidd ace says

    i thought moonlight was going to blow up first too

  9. Donna Dove says


  10. jacob vollmer says

    I related to this like mf when he talked about the ADD shiit

  11. Golo46 gaming says

    I can relate to lucid

  12. Bayo Solace says

    Juice wrld before he became juice body

  13. Erin Silks says

    im genuinely in love with him

  14. Flakk Jakkit says

    I like how there is a gay flag in the background as he talks about mental health ?

  15. High Andy says

    I watched this taking a poo and it came out trying to fight me

  16. His tiny ears…

  17. Memorie Martinez says

    Aint never seen charlemagne not roast someone

  18. Chase Clark says

    Can anyone appreciate that her last name is yee?

  19. shannon Bear says

    once u sign for a mainstream label is when u have sold ir soul and u suddenly blow up adn get hundreds of millions of views then u regret it and get depressed

  20. Edi Haxhiu says

    I’m gon make a Mixtape with 9 songs then quit rapping like Fetty when my money runs slow down im gon comeback

  21. Taber Girl_8865 says

    Listen to J. Cole Be Free brother. Buying a watch for $250k is not wise

  22. Danny Lamar says

    Wow soo lovely ?❤️

  23. dreamz ms says

    Why are there just random sciccors in the backround?

  24. DNL Hxllywood says

    Bro juice when he talks sounds like a bit older version of my cousin but my cousins white and he’s only 17 or 18 and he talks quiet like juice does

  25. Catchin Playss says

    damn… I can really relate to the addy story

  26. Dark Side says

    Man dam me an juice was on the same shit an he right that shit fucking suck

  27. Jaydayoungan 23xatk says

    Who hear

  28. NoOneIsHere says

    Juice Wrld is one of my favorite music artists

  29. Taber Girl_8865 says

    In 2019 we are still spending silly. Hope you paying your taxes.

  30. Najee Films LLC says

    This dude actually smart well rounded. I wouldn't know based off his music.


    am I a "real nigga" ?

  32. Byron Isaacs says

    he never said congrats to post?

  33. Maxi chain El primero says

    Wait wait now every mother focker got mental health broke?. Jaja nigga you broke not me, you broke.

  34. gbr_999 says

    Juice I feel ya bro on all dat fk a prideful as broke ass niqqa juice stayed true n got that bag

  35. uk says

    Get tha dap

  36. Mike says

    This kid is wise beyond his years…. great up and coming artist 🙂 big ups to Juice WRLD.

  37. Laurie P says

    Charlegay tried to get some dirt on Nicki Minaj…that female fairy real tried it! Juice set him straight though. LOL ??

  38. Wilfredo Flores says

    I don't really like lucid dreams I like feeling

  39. Xo lulu Xo ルル says

    I want to give juice wrld a hug Lol.

  40. fathergoodkush says

    Take a shot every time you hear Juice say "I feel like"

  41. malachi brown says

    Juice being doing this since 2015, took him around 2 – 3 years to get on, so to everybody reading this that been doing it for 0 – 2 years, don't give up. YOUR UP NEXT

  42. Okay Cory says

    Is it just me or did any body else hear he got burnt ?

  43. Shakina Frink says

    he is so chilled ????

  44. Eskimoto says

    The Breakfast Club and juice wrld 25,596 likes –> 25,597 EASY NOTIFICATION AND LIKE SQUAD

  45. Beezy 10 says

    He not lying about that pill shit. I was on it 5th grade and I was just sitting there blocking out all distractions. I didn’t even wanna eat or drink nothing. Me being goofy but when that pill kicked not one laugh came out.

  46. Tye 2 playful says

    If you guys could check my page out and let me know what you think

  47. Jaden Poole says

    This is a family friendly video no curs words

  48. IILegend GoatXX says

    Man on the left look like Dwayne off of GTA IV

  49. Matthew Merriman says

    the earwax test ????

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