Life. love. limonade & true crime. Midnight Mental health support chat. What are cluster B's?


Hey y’all! Welcome to the Life, love, limonade & true crime podcast. Join us as we talk about the miracle of life and all its glory and the destruction of life by life and everything in between!

Psychology limonade:

Which personality disorders make up cluster b?

What is gaslighting?

What is projecting?

True crime limonade:

Discussing the book “Letters from (anti) Christopher” by Cherlyn Cadle. There is still a campaign of Chris Watts sympathizers going strong and this book provides crucial fuel to keep their mission afloat. Critical Kay, the queen of excuses for -why-Chris Watts-killed-his-family-and-why-he’s-not-evil is jumping on the NK lynch mob, beginning to shift the full blame on Shanann, and now seems to be dividing it between them.

The red car, NK caught leaving out of the garage after Chris, accomplices, Chris being possessed by demons, NK the wicked witch of Colorado and her “dark arts” the red ruby shoes, the lollipop guild, the wizard of oz, gandalf, frodo, the ring…….
We need to separate facts from conspiracies. Lets discuss the psychology of Chris Watts, his marriage, family and his affair with Nichol Kessinger. The vigilante witch hunt against her is dangerous and unwarranted. Lets discuss the evidence and what part she played in this case. She is not and never has been a suspect.
We are going to continue discussing the Watts family murders, the discovery, evidence and truth in the hopes to help stop the conspiracies wildfire that is currently running rampant with this case and it needs to stop.

Welcome to the limonade family. I give my subscribers the nickname limonheads (like the candy) because using the word “subs” sounds disrespectful to me. All perspectives are welcome. We embrace both like and unlike minded people. I think it is important to acknowledge that we are all different and our perspectives are unique. When we come together as collective with the goal to become more educated and enlightened from each other, we create a beautiful rainbow of opinions and thoughts. As long as you’re respectful and mature, you will be accepted. No tolerance for bullying period.

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  1. Soul Diversity says

    I can see why I relate to you Jamie & Dana I have ADHD too . ♥️♥️
    More ADD less hyper .
    And organising isn’t easy , I set Alexa on timer ⏲ and try Marie Kondo methods , then I find old photos and an hour can pass … fail 😂
    Dana daughter sounds so lovely 😊 I loved being 25 .

  2. Sam Hill says

    beautiful red headed lady/ fighting for us/ and Justice days/ sparkling within her/ soul shine/ dis Limonade Lady/ of great Grace

  3. sue shaw says

    a good therapist will teach her client coping mechanisms to cope with life,

  4. Raindancer98405 Washington says

    Im awake. Hope I can reach PI for case. I could go direct Messenger but will wait til Monday after holiday

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