Mariel Hemingway: On Mental Illness | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

Mariel Hemingway: On Mental Illness | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

For generations, Mariel Hemingway’s famous family has been plagued by a legacy of addiction, mental illness and suicide. Seven of Mariel’s family members, including her grandfather Ernest Hemingway, took their own lives. After her older sister Margaux intentionally overdosed in 1996, Mariel set off on her own spiritual journey to break the so-called Hemingway curse for herself and her two daughters. Watch as Mariel opens up about how she faced her fears and learned how to embrace her own future instead of fearing her family’s past. For more on #supersoulsunday, visit

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Mariel Hemingway: On Mental Illness | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network


17 thoughts on “Mariel Hemingway: On Mental Illness | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. My Oncologist once told me before he retired, that I act crazy to keep my sanity. I tried to hurt myself twice in my life, first time was mid spring of 1974, 9 month's after I met a girl from Alaska in Toronto Canada September 1,1973. On a Saturday night late May or Early June 1974, I heard a whisper that the Girl in Alaska had a Daughter and Named her Jewel. A guy sold me 100 hits of 4way Window Pane (LSD) for 25 cents a hit & said sell it for a dollar a hit and I'll have $100 towards my trip to Alaska. Only I couldn't sell any for he was selling it to everyone for 25 cents. The next morning I told my family I have to go to Alaska for my wife had a Daughter and Named her Jewel. My older brother got on my case and said "Who did you hear that from the girl that told mom, she don't know what your talking about". I replied "YES".
    Then he went on saying that "He spent two year's in a Radar Station in Alaska, during the Vietnam War, and he never had a girlfriend let alone a wife, and I come home from Toronto Canada with this out rageous story of an imaginary wife and now you have an imaginary daughter named Jewelry.
    I replied "No John her name is Jewel and if I don't get to go to Alaska to see her it will come back and haunt us".
    Well on the way back to Dr. Marino's office in the back seat of my father's car I downed the whole sheet of 100 hits of LSD, trying to kill myself. Three months later I woke up out of that LSD trip at the Special Olympics August 25,1974 after I won my third medal. I got 2 Gold and 1 Silver Special Olympic Medals. All over my wife of my youth (Lanedra Carroll & Biological Daughter Jewel Kilcher and the guy Jewel calls her father in public, is the guy who gave me his Sister's Hand in Marriage at that LRY Conference in Toronto Canada September 1,1973. I'm the Stranger from the East in the Song "Enter from the East".
    "That's my Story and I'm sticking to it"

  2. you know what? genetics of course, but if you drink THAT much you definitely get crazy. Read how alchohol effect ur brain. Alcoholics often commit suicides. VERY often. Man in their family were alcoholics including Hamingway himself. Poor Margo also was. So it may be mental issues in their genetics but i think alcohol is to blame.

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