Mental Health Treatment in Denver

Mental Health Treatment in Denver

In answer to Colorado’s intensifying mental health crisis, Eating Recovery Center partners with Insight Behavioral Health Centers (Insight) offers intensive treatment for mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders for adults, children and their families. With programming designed to prevent the cycle of crisis intervention, Insight provides patients and their families with the real-life skills and tools they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Our adult partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programming offers:
– The most effective, evidence-based psychotherapy modalities and state of the science pharmacologic care for optimal outcomes
– Ability to treat highly complex cases with multiple diagnoses and co-occurring conditions including substance use
– Collaborative, multidisciplinary team includes a therapist, who facilitates individual and family therapy, and a psychiatrist and primary care physician as needed
– Patient’s families are educated and empowered through family therapy sessions, support and education groups, and family education days, offered monthly during and after treatment
– Comfortable, well-equipped apartments available for PHP patients who do not live in the area, provide a tranquil, peaceful setting where they can continue to focus on their recovery skills at night
Insight Alumni and Family Liaison team provides outreach and ongoing support to alumni

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