"One Step Closer" (Mental Illness Short-Film)

"One Step Closer" (Mental Illness Short-Film)

There is always someone you can talk to! Here are a few helpful links:

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention: https://suicideprevention.ca/need-help/

Mental Health America: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/

National Alliance on Mental Health: https://www.nami.org/

Mental Health Hotline India: http://vandrevalafoundation.com/

Rozan Hepline Pakistan: https://www.facebook.com/rozanhelpline/

Helpline Sri Lanka: http://sumithrayo.org/


25 thoughts on “"One Step Closer" (Mental Illness Short-Film)”

  1. I've always been misunderstood for being lazy… People hated me for it, and when I talk to them about my depression they would always tell me "Others have it worse, you're lucky to be able to have a good life." which only makes me guilty for suffering. I wish this was taught in school so people would understand that depression and anxiety doesn't give a damn about who you are.

  2. This is litterly me. And I feel so bad for him because it's like with people that don't have this problem, you have to have a reason to feel this way in order for you to feel this way. I have a mental illness too when it comes to people starring at me and school and I feel like the people that tries to help doesn't help. It's like no matter how hard I try or where I am, i can't ever be happy. And people say suicide is not an option and it stops things from making your life better. Well my life is measurable and I'll never be happy again. I honestly want to die. ????

  3. Really good writing and Directing I thought this gives really good insight to how many feel with anxiety and depression! little things like your dad yelling at you all the time should never be enough for someone to take there own life! However it’s that on top of the world that is on your shoulders that can make people go mad in return make bad decision’s. Showing that he just want to stay home, smoking in his room. Instead of going out, when he dose go out we see him sitting on his own at a party. This was really powerful! Many people that suffer from mental health feel this way! Including myself as I have bipolar! Thank you for creating this film and raising awareness for this medical issue mental health.

    Film 7.5-10 Excellent Writing & Directing good but not grate Cinematography however sound and editing especially colour grading was poor but I liked the feel of the film the writing and Directing alone give this shot a 7.5 out of 10

  4. this shit tore me up. I'm 21 and have went thru this same shit my whole life. It's nobodys fault and if ya feel to point the finger to blame it's everyone. Ya never know unless ya walked a mile in someones shoes and ya don't ever know what someones going through. problems to others may be small in your eyes but may be larger than life through their own. I cried for at least an hour at the end of this video. because I kept thinking that could've been me at 15,16,17,18 when I was so fuckin done with trying. I already cried a shit ton when she said "Suicide doesn't end the chance of your life ever getting worse. it eliminates the chance of it ever getting better." that's real shit. as real as real can get. too bad this was posted over a year ago and nobody will see this. oh well I make my rounds. be that breath of fresh air for anyone and everyone you can. because they may purposely take their last one with zero hesitation

  5. My parents would me treat me like this except my mom would be harsher than this mom.I wish i can share more of the story but just know that you're not alone.It's ok to feel bad but there is always a twist there whether it is seen or unseen.You can always believe in magic though.(i know we don't exist in wizarding world) 😉

  6. i hate when people assume because you have a roof over your head and food in your mouth that you dont have any reason to be depressed. everything can be perfect in your life but you just cant stop the feelings of loneliness and emptiness. so sad 🙁 i have a kind mum and ive had a good life but still sometimes i lay there and i think "im too tired, i dont think i can do this, the future looks bleak, because im held back by my anxiety ill never achieve what i want and ill be miserable for the rest of my life"

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