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Nobody likes an awkward silence. In fact, we usually try to avoid it. But sometimes, an awkward silence can be a good time to check in with a friend about their mental health.

If you’ve noticed your friend hasn’t seemed themselves recently, break through the awkward silence and ask them how they’re feeling. Because showing you care can make a real difference to your friend’s mental health.

So, find out how to seize the awkward today at

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  1. Captive Cat says

    A Spring Awakening original cast member? I’m in.

  2. Kim Garian says

    This commercial hits right at home.

  3. jose izquierdo says

    In almost every setting /part of this "weird and funny" public service announcement / video commercial clip, it appears like or as if every pair of "friends/acquaintances" is about to "have sex with each other" or to "propose sex, one to the other"…Maybe this commercial should be more about "having safe sexual relationships" or about "H.I.V. prevention"…Instead of asking the question, "Are you o.k ?…The question should be more like, "Do you have a condom with you ?" …That's what's AWKWARD about this P.S.A. to me. ?

  4. Lisa Snyder says

    WOW – couldn't be illustrated more perfectly.

  5. Peter Lotterhos says

    Thats awesome, i love it!!!

  6. the yagin narnis says

    Who is he. He does look familiar. But I can't place my finger on it

  7. ScribbleDribble says


  8. Jon Goldberg says

    Never heard of this

  9. DaaG 1604 says

    this is so nice XD

  10. Maggie A. says

    Gideon is hilarious!

  11. Grace says


  12. Michelle Sauber says

    Bravo! So thankful and grateful to see/hear/share this. Xoxo, MS

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