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Mental health professionals of reddit, what is the saddest case of "wow this person really fucked up because of how they were treated during their childhood" you have ever come across? from AskReddit

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  1. I don't have to worry about mental issues because I just don't even have a brain

    Modern problems require modern solutions

  2. Emily : says

    I'd put my story here, but it's way too long. Long story short, my parents have a terrible relationship, my mom has lots of mental issues (that have been diagnosed), and I had to deal with their extremely toxic relationship throughout my childhood until they had a brutal divorce where she abandoned us. My dad is very caring. I'm lucky to have him. I hope my mom gets help. And also, don't fight in front of your children.

  3. Amy Pinkley says

    I want more videos like this
    Like if you agree

  4. CAT white says

    Jesus why the fuck these people exist i want to tell liam neeson this story and watch his blood boil

  5. S I L K says

    I subscribed for that nice intro

  6. Maddie Graves says

    8:13… yessir

  7. Smol Bean says

    When I was hospitalized this year I had made lots of friends.

    I had one friend who had severe anger issues. I had a crush on him and he was one of the first friends I made so no matter what he did, I always wanted to be sure he was happy even though I was supposed to be recovering from a suicide attempt. I think he said it was his 9th time hospitalized when for me it was only my first.

    One day his therapist came and took him to a room so they can talk about his discharge (He got there the week before I did). He comes back with his face all red and had clearly been crying (I had seen him cry maybe once before that day)

    I stay quiet as he tells me what happened. Apparently he wasn’t going home but to another place wear he would go to school and sleep there too (he was going to be there for about 2 months if he was lucky enough).

    I felt so bad for him. I wanted to hug him but there no PC (physical contact). He sat there and whimpered as tears ran down he’s cheeks. I almost cried with him. He’s a strong kid. He’s younger then me but probably ten times more emotionally stronger. He just wanted to go home.

    I remember the day he was discharged. I was talking with my therapist when he came up to me saying he was leaving. He gave me a high five and walked out. I was so upset. I was in my room trying not to cry. He made my hospital stay ten times better. And tho he acted like a little shit sometimes he still cared about me he just kept up his tough boy front.

    I still get to talk to him sometimes and I’m really happy I met him. It’s just that moment was really upsetting for me.

  8. Drill Truck Brother says

    Hmmm what is the nicest thing I could say?!?!?!

    Oh I know

    You are like the best YouTuber in the world and I can’t wait until your newest video keep up the great work buddy!!

  9. Maria says

    If anyone out there reads this, please reach out and get some help. With quality therapy you can reclaim your personal power and begin to Thrive. Peace.

  10. Maria says

    They’re not pawns in your chess battle with your ex, they are your children, and you will give them lifelong issues if you treat them as points to be won. That hit hard

  11. Dawg The Dog says

    Not sure wut to write, but I just wanna say I love your content! Not sure if this will get noticed by anybody let alone u, but I just wanted to say dat.

  12. Roseleen Joy Ndungu says

    My parents argue all the time and used me and my sister in there arguments and now they don’t believe me when I say I think I may have a disorder.

  13. Art Lover says

    For anyone who's trying to help or understand a friend, or just be friendly, please stop saying that rape is worse than physical abuse. It'll fuck anyone up.

  14. hannah elizabeth says

    the story @/8:30 was me…
    i remember that call because of her i went to get help at the mental ward

  15. Tabitha Madigan says
  16. Elspeth Graham says

    I am one of these people. One of those who have suffered child sexual abuse which lasted until I was 31. It helps to know that there are people out there who are mentally, emotionally affected by what we have lived through. I am much better now, after years of therapy.

  17. Classic – Stupid – Me says

    The Chilean orphanage is probably a SENAME.

    Those facilities don't help the kids. There's a lot of people who are supposed to take care of the children but they abuse them.

  18. Tobiath Heartworks says


    Computer voice: 6:04

  19. finny says


  20. Learning Makes Me Happy says

    Every kid in college wants to be a social worker until you become a social worker…

  21. ɹǝƃɹoB ǝsǝǝɥϽ says

    Got The urge to kill monsters

  22. Ava Castle says

    i got problems oof

  23. william lieske says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I want to die
    How about you


  24. Night Raven says

    That hehehefhofdpspfsj made me laugh so hard, thanks for inserting a slight bit of humor there robot voice.

  25. Your Local Nightmare says

    My friends abandoned me about a week after I lost my granda to lung cancer in April 2018. I began repressing my emotions. After about three weeks I started to go numb. Around December of that year I was at an all time low and ready to give up entirely. Then I met a girl who would become my girlfriend and she became my sole reason for recovery. I was getting better and better until May 2019, when my new friends got mad at me for collapsing on our qualifying expedition. I was drifting in and out of consciousness until help came. While sitting in the minibus, i noticed a box of sea salt but as I was reaching for it, I noticed the bracelet my girlfriend gave me and I just broke down into silent tears. Four days later during breaktime i walked away from them poking more shit at me, but ended up breaking down again in my friend's arms, and it really wasnt easing off, so we went to the head of child protection, who wasnt there so I spent the whole next class and first few minutes of lunchtime crying in my head of years room. Summer break started and I received my school report. I was missing 2.1% attendance because of that. Just looking at the number 97.9 triggered me again and I started crying again. The next day I was on a residential trip with my jujits club, and we were allowed to wander around the town. I refused to go out alone because I knew I couldnt restrain myself if I went near the bridge
    I survived.

    I didnt want to, but I did
    I'm still broken, my girlfriend is dating a sociopath, and I feel like shit again

  26. Franklin Bonnefoy says

    This whole video made me really want to go out and search for my cousin. All three sides of my family are fucked up, mainly both of my dads (my biological and the one who raised me). The dad who raised me had a cousin named Jess who grew up in a very fucked up home and no one helped her and the people who wanted to help her couldn't. This was in Ohio in the 80s-90s. Jess' mother had died from overdosing on drugs. Her father remarried and paid no attention to Jess whatsoever. When he did pay attention to her, it was to beat her. His new wife hated Jess' guts for no reason, she was like 5-7 at the time. So to start off her horrible past other than her mother's death, Jess lived next to a man who had a far with many animals. She loved this one specific chicken and the neighbor would let her come and play with it.

    One day he told her that if she let him touch her, she could keep coming over to play. So she did. And she told. Her father did nothing. The man continued to touch her, then finger her. Then he told her that he would kill the chicken if she didn't let him fuck her. She was 7. He raped her over and over. But she still kept coming because the chicken was her friend. He then snapped the chickens neck in front of her and proceeded to brutally rape her. She went to her gather sobbing and bloody underwear, and he kept telling her it didn't happen. He said it to her do much that she can't even trust her own memories now. But other family members said it did happen. They knew it was happening but couldn't do anything.

    As time went by, Jess' step mom abused her heavily. She beat her, burned her with cigarettes, told her she should've died with her mom, told her she hated her, and made her drink an entire bottle of palm olive dish soap. Her father Still did nothing.

    Jess proceeded to get into abusive relationships with men who would beat and rape her but she stayed because they said they loved her. My dad constantly tried to protect her but she was too far gone. Her first boyfriend got her hooked on heroin when she was thirteen. She then met a new guy and got hooked on meth at 15. She got pregnant and gave birth to a girl who has ADD and ADHD. Her daughter lived with Jess' father and he told her she wasn't allowed to be in her life often because of drug use. My dad died 9 years ago and the family hasn't been the same.

    About 2-3 years ago, while leaving one of my meetings, I came across Jess. She had said that she wanted to get clean and wanted to stay with us. So we welcomed her with open arms. It hurt me when she and my mom told me about her life as she grew up and how much she just wanted my dad's family to love her. My dad's family is made up of the kind of people who, for example, would shoot you in the back then blame you for being paralyzed. She wasn't going to get their love or respect. We made sure she got ours though. And she was happy. She was getting better and was so grateful to us. She, in my opinion, made the mistake of calling her father and told him that she was with us and that she was getting clean. She wanted him to finally say something positive to her for once.

    And the asshat told her that she was lying and that was just going to relapse again and to stop calling him.

    She called him almost every day to tell him how she was doing and how she was clean for six months. Then my grandmother started saying she was a bad influence in front of her or within earshot. And Jess just shut down.

    She understood that she had us but we weren't the ones that hurt her or shunned her in the past. She wanted the family that hated her, to love her and believe in her, and they just continued to beat her down.

    She relapsed so hard. She sucked and old man off for drug money. She had sex with some random guy and sold her phone for money. She went missing for two days then came back drunk, high, and dirty. My mom felt bad, and it still tears her up inside, but she had to kick her out because she said it wouldn't be right for us to see her decline so bad. The last time anyone in my family saw her, she was drastically skinny and was a prostitute.

    Her asshole of a father died a couple months ago and my grandmother tried to tell.me not to tell Jess. To make matters worse, her daughter is now in her stepmom's custody meaning she will NEVER see her again until her daughter is old enough to make her own decisions. I told Jess her dad died anyway.

    I'm just so angry at him because he could have saved her. He could have avoided her decline or at least made up for the past by being there for her. But his add just dies from stupid cancer and now he can't pay for being a shit father and a shit husband.

    I just hope Jess is ok. I hope she's alive and I hope that she gets the help that she needs…..

    Tldr, my cousin's life sucked so bad that she's a drug addict and a prostitute and no one can help her

  27. Ouija Ghosts says

    Rose's are red,
    Violets are blue,
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    And neither should you.

  28. Chrysanthemum The RainWing says

    8:25 I feel this every day because my parents had a divorce. My mom is just a plain bitch with her nice times and me and my dad have a great relationship together. But my mom keeps putting me in the middle and she takes me to a shitty therapist (she said that’s because it is local) then cancelled everything for the good therapist my dad got me and now I just want to do die. So that’s my life now until I move out….

  29. NillyC says

    Try and narrate this yourself. Even if you think you don't have a good voice, I'm sure it would be much better than a robotic voice. For some reason listening to this voice is so unnerving.

  30. Sasha Haha says

    I'll just say fuck the parents mann. No literally fuck these parents. Who asked you to bring these lives into this world just to show them hell?! Just fuck you and burn in hell

  31. Novacannot says

    Ubisoft is that you?

  32. _Edible_ Flower_ says

    saw a kid who would instinctively flinch and shield themselves with their arms every time someone would move their arm at a fast pace to high five them of hug them.

    unfortunately, that kid is me. thanks mom.

  33. Roses are red
    violets are blue
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    but what about you?

  34. PrymeZz says

    Every one of these start off with “Not a …. but

  35. Alina Star says

    What happened to confidentiality laws??

  36. Sr. Skeleto says

    Here in Chile, that orphanage for kids abused was called SENAME, that shit was like a prison, until it was closed down and made something similar just that it had a different name (i never went there, but everybody knows that if you go there, you come out worse)

  37. blep blep says

    Back in 6th grade I had a huge infatuation with a girl in my class. Don’t know at all what I saw I just wanted her to be with me. She would have breakdowns in class and it was apparent she was being abused. She one day said she was going to kill herself, so, putting my feelings aside, I took it upon myself to talk to her every second she needed because I wasn’t gonna let her do that. I soon would ind out that she would be abused by her mother, her step mother was very manipulative, her father was a deadbeat, and she had been raped for 7 years by her uncle. Oh god it was heartbreaking to hear all that had happened to her. I know this pain will never leave her but she seems to have finally found some happiness in life. Fast forward we’re now dating and life is going better than ever.

  38. Cathy Bair says

    I took care of a 16 year old native American girl. She explained to me how horrible it is when her grandfather loses her in a poker game to another nasty old man. It happened many times since she was 5. After she was discharged I helped her run away to another county and give a fake last name. She was placed in a wonderful foster home finished high school and college! She is now a pychitrist, wife and mother and still writes.

  39. Romina Salas says

    I got two, not huge or intense but still impactful:
    My first therapist told me of the time just after earning her phd she worked on a program to help deeply ill patients at a hospital (most involving criminal trauma and children). The one that broke her after 2 years of working there is that of a young girl (11/12) who had very intense behavioral issues, mostly devolving into fits of rage and anger. The family didn’t know why, until it became known that the uncle had been sexually assaulting and preying on her since she was 8 years old. She said she would allow him to rape her and assault her as long as he never touched her younger sisters. So for nearly 5 years she was abused in secret until she found out that the uncle had broken their agreement long ago… once her second sister turned 5, he began to abuse and rape her too without her knowledge. That led to her breaking down into raw, unfiltered anger; both for the abuse she had gone through due to her uncle and because she blamed herself for having not been a good enough eldest sister to protect her two younger sisters…
    The second story is a bit more vague to me only because it was bits and pieces given to me and others. When I was a patient at a pediatric psych ward, the youngest of the group was a little girl of just 7 years old. She was apparently diagnosed with bipolar depression, severe depression, and one other that I can’t recall. She is this adorable, thin, and mighty tiny girl who was always bustling with energy. One day, I learn that she wishes to be a stripper when she’s older, to be “just like her mom.” Which then led to the fact that she is sexually abused by her grandfather and uncle, her mother is an alcoholic and does nothing (despite knowing the abuse is happening) and that she currently still lives with the toxic family household. I just remember her dancing frolicking, “practicing” to be the stripper she wants to be…

  40. Sir Reynolds says

    the only one i can think of is me, i was considered the worst one they have seen…

    yay… I want to die…

  41. elsa1942 says

    Some people just shouldn't have kids. And if they do and treat them like this, those kids deserve to be adopted into a better family, no matter how "mild" or severe the abuse.

  42. Andy Havey says

    sexual abusers should be executed yo

  43. Austin T. says

    My hatred for people seems justified

  44. Keurlock says

    Sometimes we just need to be a friend

  45. Anonymous Annie says

    I have a friend who was kidnapped when she was 15. She was held for weeks and repeatedly tortured and raped by 3 men. They forced her to eat small, live animals. They left her for dead in the forest but she survived. Her abusive dad still won’t believe her and calls her a liar. She has antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) now as an adult.

  46. Zahra Heydari says

    This is incredibly depressing but I can't wrap my mind around something …

    Why do the lower lines look blue when I'm looking at the upper ones ?

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