Taraji P. Henson opens up about mental health struggles and menopause | GMA


The “Empire” actress and December digital cover star gets candid in an exclusive interview with SELF magazine.


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  1. Constance Roslinda Gary says

    Thank you Taraji O. Henson for your transparency on mental health personal battles. We need you to speak your truths on behalf self proclaimed black super women. The emotional strain on us is at times overwhelming. We neglect our own emotional well-being. As a 73 yo, my life journey is painted with depression, panic attacks,
    talking to myself, suicidal thoughts. We must shed this super woman facade and confront our inner pains. Seek truth! Be strong in our self acceptance and self love. Again thank you!
    GOD bless you and yours.

  2. Truth BTold says

    Go to the Creator sis

  3. Jo Molololo says

    Didnt she support Juicy Smollet ?

  4. IWillBeHokage Gorge says

    I thank my wife for being there and being an outlet for me. Helping me grow each day.

  5. Ma Jobs says

    I think you can be more vulnerable and talk about health issues if you don't have people hate-attacking your guts for all sorts of false things all the time… which can be the case for some celebrities. Maybe she's in a place of enabling right now. Good for her! ⭐

  6. Josh Heinink says

    Depressed? Just be happy. Easy🙂

  7. SLiMDeeZuL says

    This just reminded me to rewatch The Jennifer Lewis Interview on Hollywood Unlocked. Thanks.

  8. Cookie Cute as a puppy says

    Well I’m Glad she’s being Candid about mental health… I thought she’s expecting?

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