The Rise of Romanticising Mental Illnesses & Why It Must Be Stopped

The Rise of Romanticising Mental Illnesses & Why It Must Be Stopped

In today’s video, I discuss The Rise of Romanticising Mental Illnesses in both social and mainstream media and why it needs to be stopped. I use Corinna Kopfs new merch, 13 Reasons Why, mental illness memes & tumblr art as examples of how mental illnesses are being romanticised on social media and in mainstream media.


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49 thoughts on “The Rise of Romanticising Mental Illnesses & Why It Must Be Stopped”

  1. similar videos of mine if u want to check them out!!! Is Facetune and Instagram Ruining Our Body Image?
    ”Is Social Media Ruining Our Mental Health?” :

    to save some people from commenting about this:*

    i know its 85% not 75% okay, sorry i was sleep deprived when i filmed this

    i know i talk fast, sorry i cant help it

    like i said in the video, its okay to joke about ur mental illness to cope but watch the video and listen to what i said while keeping this in mind

    i will try respond to the comments but there’s honestly so many now so sorry if i dont get to urs

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  2. Also, I understand that self diagnosing isn’t good, but what if you’re unable to get a professional opinion? I’m genuinely concerned because I get disgusted when these kids lie and self diagnose and romanticize mental illnesses, but I am certain I struggle with a few. I hate to say it but I also hate feeling like a quirky edgy teen when someone says self diagnosing is bad or cringey


  4. It's not cute when every night you lying on your bed for hours and the only way you can sleep is by drinking until you pass out,
    And at the morning you force yourself to get out the bed and every simple daily activity looks so demanding and frustrating,
    You can't even meet people cause you know they can see through you and see how weak pathatic and miserable you are,
    Every day is ongoing struggle most of the time you just want to disappear.

  5. Living with bipolar disorder, I have a good relationship with God and Jesus. I am an Artist, I take care of my family (bipolar disorder/ manic depression runs in the family), and I choose to be an Optimist regardless of the situation.
    romanticizing mental illness is something that needs to stop.
    This is coming from a guy who used to describe himself as a "cynical asshole".
    being an asshole isn't cool either, you're not helping yourself or anyone else.

  6. Nowadays people feel sad for three days straight and think they are depressed or they feel anxious in particular scenarios and auto diagnose themselves with anxiety. You can feel sad for three, four or five days straight and you’re not necessarily depressed, you can get anxious once or twice around people or in other situations but that doesn’t mean that you have anxiety. If you think you may have a mental illness go and see a doctor and let HIM/HER give you the correct diagnose, you are not qualify to diagnose yourself with a mental illness no matter how much you know yourself and your mood swings.

    I bet half of the people in this comment section saying “I have anxiety/depression and mental illnesses shouldn’t be romanticized, they don’t know how this actually feels” diagnosed themselves with that illness and didn’t consult a doctor about it. Stop doing that shit.

  7. as someone with actual mental illness of that proper, the LAST thing I’m going to do is wear the definition on my back????? I don’t know anyone with the actual diagnosis of it who finds that appealing or thinks it is somehow “helping spread awareness”. Stupid.

  8. Im 15 and i have scizoaffctive a form of scizophrania and depression but i dont brag about being depressed when i am and just because i have scizophrania donsent mean im a serial killer in the making but i hear the media betery me as such witch im sick of

  9. i used to having depression and anxiety but now i'm a lot better than before because of Allah and i found the meaning of life. life is short and temporary. there's not much here. we were not created just to eat, sleep, and dying. we can't make flawed human as our main happiness resource, because they can't be that. worshipping Allah is my ultimate pleasure and one day after i die, i really want to go to heaven. do you know why i believe in all of this? just look at yourself and around you… it takes more faith to believe in evolution than believe in God.

  10. Usually (or, well, in my case), people with depression tend to cover it with comedy. It's psychologically proven. Like, when someone makes a joke about anxiety or depression, I laugh about it even though mine is so severe and literally has ruined my entire life. I've also gotten comments from literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my life that I laugh waaaay too loud/excessively. It's just a way to be accepted by society and not make people worry too much about you. But the mental illness "community" has allowed their illnesses to be taken lightly and be laughed at to the point where everyone sees it as a joke. It's not funny and should be taken seriously by all means; I just can't help but turn everything into a fucking joke.

  11. I dont suffer from an mental illnes but i get really mad when people do things like printing a suicide note on a shirt!

    I’m not that good at English but i needed to say something.

  12. I downplayed me having anxiety for the longest time cause I didn’t wanna be seen as someone who’s “fake deep” or joining the trend, at least until I got diagnosed by a medical physician. There’s nothing i hate more then people who flex it for sympathy and attention ?

  13. Sierra Shultzzie is a prime example of someone that is getting away with romanticizing bipolar disorder. She gives her audience a totally inaccurate description of what bipolar disorder is. She actually describes depression syndromes, not bipolar. But she claims she has been diagnosed bipolar. Then she says she doesn't go to therapy or use medication. She tells her audience that with positive lifestyle changes, healthy diet, excercise, reduced stress, recognizing your triggers and prayer that she she has not been to therapy or taken medication. That bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance. No it not and you can't pray it away or lifestyle it away. All researched experts in mental illness will tell a bipolar patient that they will need medication for life. It's not depression. And you shouldn't feel shamed by a psycho narcissistic influence "turds" on social media that no nothing about mental illness treatment. It really disturbs me. All these influence "turds" are narcissists and the viewers hate or love feed their narcissistic supply. Sierra Shultzzie is a psychopath covert narcissist, at least it seems so. One of her videos that she talks and inaccurately describes bipolar and misinformed her audience. Was a sponsored video for an inapp counseling program. Talk therapy is not the correct treatment for bipolar. Especially if they are in mania.

  14. Well, there are some clothes who romantizes mental illnesses but please, let me explain the differences between the merchandising showed in this video and Yami Kawaii/Menhera fashion.

    First, yami kawaii is a fashion who was born in Japan a few years ago. It means "sick and cute". The propose of this fashion IS NOT romantize mental illness, it's showing the world that people who wear colorful and "kawaii" fashion are perfect. Yami kawaii outfits doesn't include phrases like "I have OCD" or "anxiety" or things like showed on the video, the worst you could see is the kanji of illness/pain (病み). You just wear things like pills, syringes, bandages, more medical theme, with no gore. Maybe sometimes bondage things.

    As a girl who wears this fashion and has been DIAGNOSED by a PROFESSIONAL with some mental illnesses, I'm fed up of people saying to me "You are too cute to have depression". Just for wearing alternative/kawaii fashion you shouldn't admit I'm always good and I have a perfect life, because that's not true. Also, dressing yami kawaii helps me to cope with my illnesses, it makes me feel comfortable with myself.

    Also, we are a community who support each others, and that makes me feel that we are not alone, and with fashion and effort we can have a good life.

  15. People who suffer from mental illness are still largely misunderstood and given inappropriate treatment. I can tell you from personal experience that there are going to be cases where problems don’t fit into this extraordinarily limited array of superficial categories that seem to dominate the discussion nowadays. And if you have symptoms that don’t clearly fit what people (including a lot of doctors and psychologists) expect, you’re screwed. Any aspect of your symptoms that don’t quite fit the mould are conveniently ignored, and you’re crammed into one of the categories.

    But thank you – I’m really glad this was said.

  16. THANK YOU!,, I came here because I was so disappointed to see an artist romanticize suicide for profit. Smh and to see this video makes me feel like I’m not alone to think that it’s wrong.

  17. As a person who was diagnosed by a professional psychiatrist after being forced by school with a low mood disorder amd generalised anxiety disorder. It pisses me off when people say "i'M liTerALlY haVInG a PaNic aTTack' if only they knew how scary it is then they would never dare say it. When people also self diagnose they make it seem like a choice. i didnt choose to have such a shitty life. I didn't choose to grow up without a mother from a young age. The next person who tells me they're having a 'panic attack' is getting punched.

  18. Dude, "destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck" is a line from Laid to Rest by Lamb of God. It's a meaningful song directed at society and religion. But that line looks suicidal out of context. I'm sure the one who made that shirt wanted to scapegoat the band for people committing suicide, what an asshole.

  19. Depression is literally no leaving your room for multiple days and not being able to bring yourself to do little things like shower because it takes to much energy out of you… fuck everyone who thinks depression is some quirky edgy personality trait

  20. "I'm so OCD."

    I honestly don't care when people use that incorrectly.

    Context matters. If they say they're OCD in a goofball manner they probably don't mean it literally.

    The real problem imo isn't that people are romanticizing mental illness.
    The problem is that people are looking for any non-standard thing to praise people on or get praised for.
    You're a straight white cis-male who has a good job, is happy and loves his wife? BOOORING.
    A gay transgender woman who is clinically depressed, has a shitty job and can't find a good partner? Talk of the town.
    What's wrong with being "normal"?

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