The science of mental health

The science of mental health

‘Science matters a lot, and my field, I think, highlights this more than anything: mental health represents one of the biggest burdens of disease worldwide.’ Professor Richard Bryant AC FAA of the School of Psychology at UNSW Sydney has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science for 2018.

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  1. If you fail to recognize that the person is being underhandedly abused, then you can't get even to base 1. Have a look. The Underlying Conditions of Disease. Video 6 turned out to be a summary of the series.

    And this video too: ESP and the foul game play.

    Once the telepathy card is taken off the table then of course the underhanded foul game play is hidden. Telepathy requires strong relationship. Why not do the experiments? Also in foul game play the victim is focused on the source of the danger which of course is the chief offender who is posing a threat. This ensures that ideas mentally presented will be perceived. But owing to another cheat that masks the offender the victim believes the ideas are their own thinking so reacts to them. That reaction, which is largely somatic, over time is the problem.

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