USC Volleyball Star Talks Eating Disorders and Mental Health in Female Athletes

USC Volleyball Star Talks Eating Disorders and Mental Health in Female Athletes

USC Volleyball star Victoria Garrick reveals her struggle with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder to highlight the pressures elite female athletes face. She hopes by sharing her story, she can help put an end to the stigma of mental illness and show other female athletes they’re not alone.

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13 thoughts on “USC Volleyball Star Talks Eating Disorders and Mental Health in Female Athletes”

  1. I started volleyball in 7th grade with no experience whatsoever. During my 8th grade year I noticed that I was a bench warmer. I would anyways wonder to myself whyyy I do so good at practice and warmups. I realized that during the game I would have a feeling in my stomach that I suck and I wasn’t good enough. My anxiety level was so HIGH. I told myself to go for the ball and get there but that never happened. It got to the point where I would be happy to get subbed out, I would feel a load off my chest , finally being free. I love this sport with my life I want to get better and improve on my mental status so I’ve been watching videos to see what I can do. Hopefully this helps people

  2. When I watch this video I realize I wasn't alone until now I'm still suffering about my body image becoz everyone thinks that my body is not the body of a vollyball player and my weight…Im so depress rn??? send help

  3. This is necessery. Im an ex weightlifting pro athlete, on day my coach said to me that I needed yo lose 8 pounds for the next competition in 2 months. I did. Then I lost 50 lbs in that year… Depression hit so hard, recovery was hard (still is) but I lost all my mucle mass (like you said, its hard seeing you body change but in the other way too) I felt weak, Sports was my life. Now im better! Healthy and HAPPY, im in a prosess to make a prevention program for eating disorders in the sports life. I feel inspire <3

  4. I am on gr7. I play volleyball, both athletic and academic side. I'm not the very athletic one, but I can keep up. Tho, people say in school I'm Fat, although I have the right and healthy BMI of 21.2 the last time I checked. I had huge thighs and calves unlike my other female classmates/girls in my age in our school. It feels anxious. And when I reach home, people are gonna be like 'Ur so thin u need to gain more weight' 'eat more u look like bones'. I mean, I'M VERY CONFUSED! I don't know who to trust, it feels like I wanna die and just give up. People bodyshame me and I hate it. Bec of those, my grades got affected. Pls help me what to do. I feel so weak and tired. ?

  5. Saw her on TED USC and just these two videos have helped me so much. I’m a swimmer who does 2 a days and I have the same eating thoughts. Then I feel guilty if I eat bad and it’s blah. This helped me see I’m not the only one.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I’m a collegiate softball player, and this resonates so much. You want to perform well, look perfect, and get away from the stigma of the “female athlete” all at the same time. It’s infuriating to know that if you stopped working out you’d probably lose weight because of the muscle you have. To feel the need to justify how much you’re eating because you have 2-3 practices a day. Thank you so much for opening this conversation and I hope and pray it continues.

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