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Mental health is about being able to work and study to your full potential, cope with day-to-day life stresses, be involved in your community, and live your life in a free and satisfying way.

This video features headspace Youth National Reference Group members exploring what mental health is, such as having a healthy mindset, your sense of self, emotional balance and more. The group also discuss the signs of a mental health problem, such as: struggling to complete everyday activities, loss of interest, and isolation. They also suggest ways you can improve your mental health and who you can speak to if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Getting help early is important. For more information, to find your nearest headspace centre or for online and telephone support visit https://headspace.org.au/.

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    I love this video. But I got a question, how can you have adequate sleep if you have loads of works to do like home works, projects, house hold chores etc.

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    Thank you so much for sharing. These are things I know I face on a daily bases (a lot!), and this has helped me understand them more and be more motivated to improve my mental health. Thank you.

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