what it's like to be in a mental hospital | Mental Health Q&A


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  1. Battle Born Renegades MC says

    Most females are crazy.

  2. Isabelle Smith says

    How long arent you supposed to have your phone after you get out of the hospital?

  3. Manij Nazari Sin says

    My mom wants me to go to a mental hospital because she doesn't love me, but it's alright I don't care

  4. Julia Chiavegato says

    You may never see this, and that’s ok but I thought I would just put it out there that this video alone gave the courage to go get the help I really needed. Thank you.

  5. c-lexis ! says

    Can you fucking die? Attention whore.

  6. Justin Price says

    Great. Thanks for sharing. Psychiatirst are important to health care. There is a God who gave his only begotten Son named Jesus. Jesus Spirit is the Holy spirit. God gave himself as a offering for sin for all mankind. Not just for sin but for any condition that is illness. Getting to the point. When you accept Jesus as your God and savior. He will be your Counselor and Psychiatrist. Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. & Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. God is so into mental Health because he created it.

  7. Zetta Arnanda says

    I want fucking you

  8. Mars Cassidy says

    I have to go to my first therapy session soon. Thank you, Alexa!

  9. Robert Martin says

    My best friend who I’ve known since we were basically in diapers has depression as well and we help each other out. Talking your best friend down from blowing his brains out is, needless to say a shitty experience, but I am so grateful to have this dude in my life. Other than that, I haven’t really told any of my other friends, not even my college roommate, though I’d be surprised if some of them didn’t figure out something was up.

  10. Robert Martin says

    The LAST people who should be telling you it’s just regular teenage stuff and to get over yourself are friends and family. I feel for anyone in that situation and am so grateful to have the loving supportive family I do.

  11. Moon Wolf 7899 says

    Plz oil your chair or what ever the squeack is

  12. Tori's Story says

    AWESOME VIDEO!! Are you struggling with mental health, addiction, or self love issues? Subscribe to my channel and check out my very first video! Take a journey with me guys! <3 xoxoxox

  13. Grace Mora says

    It’s scary and boring

  14. Sadie Megan says

    I’ve been cutting for around 1 1/2 years and I don’t wanna tell my mum cuz I’m scared of what she’ll think and I really don’t wanna go to a GP

  15. Teen . Barry j1# 201 says

    I'm paying for you ??????

  16. Nofrackingzone 2.0 says

    Or otherwise a typical female neuroticisms.

  17. Nick Gur says

    You did great honey, I'm proud of you! ?

  18. Lol_Lakitu says

    The mental heath hospitals in my area are known for being absolutely terrible and I’m so afraid because the possibility of me going has been drawing closer and closer and closer and closer

  19. My house was like a mental hospital until I opened the door and told the crazy bitch to get out.

  20. Varjo. [inactive] says

    Thank you so much for this video! I always wondered how it’s like in a mental hospital and if it really helps or not.
    I am going to therapy since about a year now, I went to a different therapist before but I changed since I wasn’t really able to connect and work together with that therapist.

    My parents still kind of ignore me having mental problems and just behave like I’m just in a ‘teenage phase’.
    Except for my therapist I have no one to talk to about my mental issues and I’m even getting problems with talkinging about stuff with my therapist now and I don’t exactly know why.

    My therapist also never gave any of us a diagnosis of what I actually have now and I don’t really have a feeling that my mental state is getting better, in fact it got worse as the year progressed.
    I don’t really feel like I’m getting the right treatment and I don’t know with who I should talk about it.

  21. Brookelyn Wilson says

    Yk.. my mom AND therapist brush it off as teenage stuff and she always makes me feel like I’m stupid and I don’t even need therapy bc of "hormones" . I’ve ben to a mental hospital recently and it didn’t help. Any suggestions?

  22. firesocks2017 says

    You look like Britney Spears

  23. madi marie says


  24. Megan Cantrell says

    If you are reading this please thumbs up so she sees. Alexa I don’t have access to another form of social media. I would love to see a video on how you and your family chose a good facility for you. I am going to check myself into an inpatient depression program.

  25. Nova Eh says

    I got worse.

  26. Destiny Valencia says

    There was 666 comments but now I'm ruining it 🙂

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