my bpd story // diagnosis and recovery

Well this is a stark juxtaposition of the last vid ?
So I’m releasing this video one year of becoming self-harm free. I’m so proud of myself for getting away from harming myself and finding new ways to deal with my disorder. Also, I filmed this on a day off from work, where my mood was not the best.

This is only a synopsis of what I have gone through, and the journey continues. I hope when you watch this that you won’t feel alone about the trials and tribulations you endure every day.

sincerely, chihea

✰ top 3 resources I used during my journey
↳ Sammy-Marie Grimm (my inspiration to starting this portion of my channel): @Sammy-Marie Grimm
↳ The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: @ical-Behavior-Therapy-Skills-Workbook/dp/1684034582/ref=sr_1_3 keywords=The+Dialectical+Behavior+Therapy+Skills+Workbook+practical&qid=1579984179&s=books&sr=1-3 (found a free pdf online)
↳ I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me: @u_Dont-Leave-Understanding-Personality/dp/1491575735 (found another free pdf)

✰ i was cozy so you can be cozy too!
↳ sherpa: american eagle
↳ headwrap (not put on the best but Im trying): the wrap queen
↳ pajama pants (barely seen): aerie

✰ music
↳ stay calm – caller x ayello

what’s your name: chihea (chai-ya)
how old are you: 22
where do you live: maryland, usa
what’s your current job title: i am a software engineer!

✰ where you can find me on social media!
↳ insta & twitter: @ch_ch_ch_chihea
↳ depop: @clocke3

✰ equipment
↳ camera: iphone 11 pro
↳ tripod:
↳ editing software: imovie