Neurobiology of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Co Occurring Mental Health Issues

Neurobiology of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Co Occurring Mental Health Issues is a video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches to improving mental health and reducing mental illness.

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– Explore the overlap and concurrence of OCD, and generalized anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, PTSD, body dysmorphic disorder
– Identify neurotransmitters, emotional reactions and cognitive issues involved in each and what that may mean for treatment

– ~90% of individuals with OCD have other psychiatric comorbidities
– Anxiety disorders 75.8%
– Mood disorders 63.3%
– Major depressive disorder (MDD) 40.7%
– Eating Disorders 8-12%
– BDD in patients with OCD is 9% to 15% (compared to 3% in non-OCD)
– Impulse control disorders 55.9%
– Substance use disorders (SUDs) 38.6%
– Due to the differences in neurological and neurochemical profiles of the different disorders, it is important to recognize that treatments need to differ.

– There is significant overlap between OCD and other psychiatric disorders
– While ERP and SSRIs are the gold standard for addressing OCD behaviors, it is also important to address other underlying issues which may contribute to neurotransmitter disruption.
– Trauma history (powerlessness and unsafeness)
– Lack of emotional regulation skills
– Lack of happiness promoting behaviors
– Lack of secure attachment (oxytocin)
– Poor nutrition, sleep, iron deficiency
– Hormone imbalances (gonadal or thyroid)
– Medication side effects (hormones, steroids, thyroid, RLS, antipsychotics)

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