10 tips for weight loss success

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Books that have been helping with my weight loss journey

Awaken The Giant Within


End Emotional Eating: Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to Cope with Difficult Emotions and Develop a Healthy Relationship to Food


3 thoughts on “10 tips for weight loss success”

  1. I loved the video, you have some excellent tips. I'm going to subscribe ?. I'm currently working on getting leaner over on my channel, maybe we can motivate each other with our videos ?

  2. Like OH MY GOSH Ash you got those steps so down and accurate! I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the super work! Are you going to be possibly take an attempt to make an doctor visit to share your improvement later down the road!? I hope you do consider it . Your going to be so happy most likely with what results come your way with the choices you have made. Every time I go I normally check out great in a snap with no news of problems and that goofy question comes in of "why do I need to see the doctor?" It's just a positive suggestion to share your success. Again super job on this video!! Definitely will be sharing it when I catch the chance. I love you ! Keep up the good work!! Hope for another good video soon.

  3. I'm glad you put in the mental health tip. That was an issue for my mom when she tried loosing weight in the past. Doctor's wanted her to get surgeries, and she wanted to do therapy instead because she recognized she was an emotional eater. It was difficult, but I'm glad she's doing so much better now.

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