In this livestream, I’ll share about my 4-day dry fast: no food, no water for 96 hours. I’ll complete this dry fast AND refeed after fasting right in front of YOU, so be there! I invited YOU to dry fast with me for the first time together, and we started our 4-day dry fast on 3-11-22. Here’s the video from day 1 day 2 day 3 and this is day 4

Dry fasting is NOT for everyone, so make sure you read to know science, as well as the dos and don’t of fasting for spiritual benefits. Watch the videos below before you decide whether or not you want to do this 4-day dry fast with me. I’ll teach you how to fast and pray.


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Do Doctors Recommend Dry Fasting?

Is Dry Fasting Dangerous?

Is Dry Fasting Healthy?

My 72-Hour Dry Fast Vlog

My 48 Hour Dry Fasting Vlog

My 24 Hour Dry Fasting Vlog


00:00 Intro
1:42 Welcome, new subscribers!
1:59 Thanks to all my channel members
2:59 What we’re celebrating today
4:36 Liberation from temptation via dry fasting
7:16 Submission of the flesh to the Spirit via a dry fast
9:10 Freedom in Christ and addiction recovery via fasting
11:12 God’s miracle of losing 10 lb in 4 days by dry fasting
19:48 Pooping on a prolonged dry fast
20:38 Meaningful intentional self-care by fasting
21:24 Why a slim lean body is important
23:29 How to deal with temptations
24:04 What is a dry fast?
24:45 What is a HARD dry fast?
25:35 What is a SOFT dry fast?
25:57 Why did I do a 4-day dry fast?
27:03 I didn’t eat for 4 days!
27:49 Breaking my 4-day dry fast with water
28:04 Prolonged fasting BENEFITS (physical)
28:39 Prolonged fasting RESULTS – I lost 10 lb in 4 days
30:48 Dry fasting reverses aging (I’m almost 40 but look 28)
32:15 Healthy glowing skin by fasting from food and water
32:51 Dry fasting weight loss
32:19 I love my body!
35:27 Brain health from fasting
37:39 Can skinny people FAST?
46:37 Prolonged fasting BENEFITS (emotional and spiritual)
1:00:00 Prolonged fasting results – EMOTIONAL HEALING
1:02:42 My poems about emotional cleansing and healing
1:25:00 Critical Spirit vs The Holy Spirit

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