7 Therapy Hacks for Everyday Life| Ways to Manage Life


Now that I have created some foundational videos about my therapy, I decided to kick it off therapy techniques with an infamous HACK Video! I know that everyone can not make it into an office or always have support….And who has time to READ when you are struggling NOW! So, here are 7 therapy hacks for you to use anytime…anyplace! Enjoy!

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▼ ▽ Techniques Mentioned in the Video:

1. Journaling
*I got my journal for 1.98 from Walmart 🙂
2. Positive Self Talk
3. Exercise
*Exercise Can be any form that gets you Moving
4. Mindfulness
5. Guided Imagery
*This website has tons of scripts for different things*
6. Grounding Techniques
7. Make Happy Moments

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Creating Positive Information to help empower other toward change within themselves, while changing the perspective of Counseling


  1. Patricia tha bibliophile says

    I love spending time outdoors especially during winter.

  2. Daria Dotsuk says

    Love your channel! Thank you for sharing these techniques in such a fun way!

  3. Careful Observer says

    Really informative video! To help get that inspiration for journaling, I like to get a cute notebook from Tuesday Morning or even Ross that has inspirational quotes or a nice creative design. Just looking at the notebook is a way to help me feel positive and happy sometimes. Also, meditation in motion was very descriptive way to help me think about exercise. I struggle with getting started and I am working on eliminating excuses and ready to just start…Thanks for sharing!

  4. Joyce I says

    I tried number #7 that was too fun!! Great hacks I love the channel keep up the good work.

  5. D T says

    I needed these tips
    thanks 😍 and love the hair btw👍

  6. quayvo gold says

    wonderful video!

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