Meet Adrienne Jezick – Cold Plung Expert, Teacher, Master DCE Guide, and Co-Founder of Morozko Forge.

In this episode, we go over all things cold plunge therapy. We start off with the beautiful story of how she came up with the name for her business, and how it’s the yin to the yang of the Wim Hoff method. We talk extensively about the many reasons why it is beneficial for your mind body and spirit. What it has healed for Adrienne and what she has seen be reversed through this method. She talks about her healing journey through an autoimmune diagnosis to off all vitamins and prescriptions. We talk about how to properly cold plunge and the difference between a cold bath, a cold shower, and a natural lake, ocean, or pond plunge. As well as her certification course, where she teaches her students in person and online how-to guide others through a proper and graceful ice bath experience.

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I hope you all enjoy this episode and feel inspired to try your own cold plunge and maybe share this with someone else who could really benefit from this kind of therapy.

Sending love to you Always and Allways.

See you on the next one!!

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