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1 in 7 Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition.

With common treatment options such as DBT, CBT and psychotherapy, inconjunction with medication and antidepressants, all designed to balance out our brain chemistry, its fair to say we have the support required to get through this mental illness.

With that being said, what it does NOT take into account is our genetic make up – some of us of have a higher tendency towards anxiety making it a HUGE part of our makeup, meaning this could potentially render the above mentioned treatment options…. useless.

Being one of those people who acquires this genetic makeup, no amount of group therapy ever really helped. In fact it actually made me realise how big of a problem I had, and it was extremely obvious in my relationships.

The only reason I got through it was because I FINALLY realised it was my MINDSET that had to change (shifting to the truth), and NO ONE could do this for me, not even therapy.

I am 100% in that what you BELIEVE about yourself is the main CONTRIBUTING factor to triggering anxiety. Remember YOU are the one in control, NOT your past experiences.

It will take a bit of rewiring of the mind, but you’ve got this!!

I hope this week’s message encourages you.

Chels x