These videos come from my Mental Health-Psychology-Psychiatry Guide which is for anyone looking for enlightenment both from the point of view of a guy looking at the purity of life to most of the conventional psychology and mental health dogma, ideas, treatments, therapies, hospitals, etc.

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It’s about:

The truth as far as human life goes.

The only true insight into life, you’re a loner with a true nature, all other knowledge about life is someone else’s ideas most of which is B.S.

A look at the 56 subfields of psychology, with a focus on the biggest one called clinical psychology which covers mental health and mental illness.

The framework of mental illnesses in the DSM, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Common problems people have dealing with life.

Where to find mental-health therapy and treatment.

Where to find free self-help info and support groups.

Where to find knowledge and help for personal problems.

Lists of mental health treatment centers/ psychiatric hospitals.

Self-help success info.

Holistic mental health.

Anti-mental health industry viewpoints.

Every human is good and evil in one. The Bible, a common-sense book about life written 2500 to 2000 years ago, is a cautionary tale about how evil the human race is. The modern science of psychology does not want to adequately address how evil we actually are. The Book of Proverbs is a lesson in trying to control anger. Dante covered the Seven Deadly Sins in The Inferno in The Divine Comedy in 1371. The 1936 movie Green Pastures with an all-black cast is a look at the good and evil within the human race.

The fields of psychology and psychiatry are fake sciences of human behavior. The simple reason is that no human being knows what’s going on in the mind of another human-being. There aren’t two people on this planet that know what’s going on in each other’s minds yet we pretend to have mapped out an entire science that understands people and puts them into all kinds of behavioral and personality categories.

Is this a conscious fraud to control people, a collective delusion or just a low-level scam to make money?

As far as the college curriculum goes for psychology or the human condition, within the Social Sciences, there is no smoking gun insight there about human life.

I studied psychology because I wanted someone to give me one great simple theory about life that would enlighten me but it doesn’t exist within the field of psychology. At best, it’s just a bunch of random ideas and experimental results all thrown together called a science.

It goes worse when they call Sigmund Freud the father of psychology, a guy who haphazardly stole some ideas from other guys, went on cocaine binges while he talked to rich Vienniese women to develop his psychosexual theories of life off the top of his head which goes against the this so-called science of human behavior which asserts that everything must be measured according to the scientific method. You can’t just create ideas off the top of your head. That’s not science. That’s creative writing.

I eventually figured my life out on my own. I’m a loner with my own true nature. I feel good when I release natural energy from a natural intuitive standard inside of me of who I am and what I was born to do.

I wake up my most days and proceed to burn off some God-given natural energy then rest for awhile and feel good.

If anyone takes 20 or so courses and does some dissertation, they get a doctorate in any of the Social Science fields even if they’re the nerdiest, most introverted person around who has no experience in the real world with real people.

The only truths in life are:

You are who you are the way you were born.

The happiest people try to live as purely as they can, releasing their natural energy, following their true natures, not following capitalist-pop culture-religious indoctrination which I call the artificial values of the world.

The only thing that can save you is you.

The search for love is good but not worth destroying your life for as many people do trying to get someone to love them romantically. If you want unconditional love, love an animal or seek some kind of pure Heavenly love from a supernatural force as some people claim to get with prayer or near-death experiences when God talks to them.

If you want to help someone, help them one-on-one in the moment with friendship, common-sense and love. Don’t put them into some artificial cold clinical mental illness or learning disability category created by a bunch of fake know-it-alls.

I was young and naïve once. I believed in the traditional system of formal knowledge.

Firstly, I was brainwashed by capitalism, the idea of making lots of money so I majored in business administration in college. …