Is Amber heard a monster because she has BPD? My answer is absolutely not. However, BPD can make interacting with her in close relationship a painful and damaging experience. In order to understand BPD, it is important to note that individuals with BPD are not villains although their behavior can be pretty scary. My name is Monica Mouer. I am a licensed professional therapist, and the founder of The Center for Transformation. I have a passion for helping individuals create connection in a lonely and disconnected world. This video breaks down the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis in order that we better understand so we can empathize as well as set healthy boundaries. This diagnosis is no joke, and we need to understand so we can manage things in healthy ways making relationships more important than behavior. You will learn about assertive boundaries that are firm while at the same time being compassionate and kind. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is also discussed with special focus on the biosocial theory which gives us both understanding and tools for interacting with our fellow humans with a BPD diagnosis.