Achieving Happiness – It’s a Choice


Everyone wants to be happy, or at least they should. However, there are a lot of people in this world today who tend to be miserable because society today tends to lean toward finding all the negative possibilities. More and more people today in a world that has been opened up to everyone through social media tend to seem to only reach out to all that’s negative. They also seem to look for ways to somehow find things that not only make them miserable but somehow become a victim.

What they seem to forget is that negativity is never the route to go and it is never going to get them on the path to happiness. Something that’s important to point out here is that it’s a fact that those who are happy are healthier people. By choosing to see the “glass is half full” mentality will not only make a person feel good but it helps to lower blood pressure, leads to stronger hearts, less stress, and a healthier body.

The first thing that one needs to know is that happiness is not something that is some distant dream that is impossible to obtain. It’s also not something that money can buy. For those out there who think that the number one way to find happiness is through money will be quickly disappointed when they discover that all the things that it takes to make that money are quite often the things that cause them stress and dissatisfaction. A person who has a positive outlook on life tend to know themselves quite well and are emotionally mature individuals.

Finding happiness is not nearly as difficult as one might think and it takes much less effort than it does for looking for all the negativity in life or trying to find something to complain about. Here are some great ways that you can choose to be happy.

Less Frowns, More Smiles

When you smile you help to create the “happy hormone” otherwise known as serotonin. This hormone is one that is extremely stimulating and helps to create feelings of happiness and in turn, helps a person to feel more positive about their environment and when a person is smiling, people tend to want to be around them more. However, frowning, on the other hand, does just the opposite by producing negative energy and this, in turn, drives others away.

Be Happy for Others Successes

It’s important that when you see others succeed in something that you choose to be happy for them instead of being jealous of what they’ve accomplished. A person who chooses to be happy tend to find others successes as inspiration for them and will often channel that inspiration into their own lives. People who experience true happiness believes in encouraging and supporting those around them who have accomplished milestones in their lives.

Never Play the “Blame Game”

Blaming others for your own failures is nothing new, but, today it seems to be more of the norm than it used to be. Far too many people aren’t willing to admit to their own mistakes. A person is never going to find happiness if they blame everyone and everything for their own failures. Many people tend to be afraid of failure and this shouldn’t be the case. A person who chooses to be happy understands the importance of failure. It’s through failure that those who choose happiness can learn and grow. Happy people understand that without failure and the ability to grow from them that happiness is always going to be just around the corner. Those who play the “blame game” are always going to find happiness just out of their grasp.

Happy People Exercise

People who choose to be happy also choose to move around and not just sit in front of the TV or their computers. It doesn’t mean they go to a gym every day or jog every single day, although many do, they take walks, work out in the garden, do some sort of movement each day that makes them feel good, refreshed, and far less stressed. Some sort of physical exercise is not just recommended by doctors for physical health but for mental health as well. By exercising in some manner you get more oxygen streaming through your bloodstream and it also encourages better blood flow and both of these things can help you feel better and happier.

Choose to Forgive and Forget

In a society that tends to learn more and more towards being less forgiving than ever before it can be a difficult concept of forgiving people. However, this is one of the most important ways to find happiness is ridding themselves of negative feelings is to forgive. Not choosing to forgive someone can fill a persons heart and mind with bitterness and pain. By harboring negative feelings about people will not help anyone find happiness. When a person chooses to forgive people for the wrongs they perceive that they’ve done will free them and renew them. It’s refreshing and a positive feeling when a person forgives because by forgiving a person can move on with their lives and in turn, happiness follows.

Leave the Past Behind

About the only thing you can reap from the past are lessons, lessons learned. Bad things happen to everyone even if you don’t believe it, however, the past is the past and nothing can be done to change things that happened. Far too many people tend to cling onto the past and through that clinging they are unable to live in the present which in turn can only serve as a roadblock to their success and happiness. Those who choose to be happy will always look at what they overcome has only helped them to become not only stronger but wiser for it.

Always Thankful

People who choose to be happy tend to always look for all the good things in their lives, no matter how big or small. They tend to find the good far more important than the bad. Often they will take inventory of all the positive in their lives and then take it a step further by giving thanks for all that is good. By appreciating the good and giving thanks for them helps to build a foundation of optimism in their lives which makes happiness easily obtainable.

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