Chronic pain is persistent, long-term pain lasting for more than twelve weeks. The effects may include changes in appetite and moods, decreased mobility, muscle tension, and stress sensitivity. On top of the physical pain, individuals with chronic pain are at a higher risk for mental health disorders and dependency disorders like addiction to pain medications.

In this video, Dan Klco walk us through mental health and chronic pain, the dangers of opioid addiction and chronic pain as well as therapies to help treat chronic pain.

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Daniel’s practice as a clinical director at Nomina Winnipeg includes somatic focus work (ISTDP) on mental health experiences including depression, anxiety, pain management addictions, sexual health, and complex medically unexplained conditions. Daniel is also trained in other modalities such as EMDR, DNF, and other evidence-based cognitive methods. He specializes in Forest Therapy and holistic approaches to achieving overall health and wellness. Daniel served several tours overseas as a pilot.

Nomina Wellness at Forbidden Plateau is a premiere comprehensive stay treatment facility for mental health and addiction. We pride ourselves on the highly experienced team of professionals who have a diverse range of advanced clinical modalities. All our counsellors are master’s level practitioners, who are highly skilled in working with more treatment-resistant complex disorders.

Nomina Integrated Health Clinics offer the same advanced evidence-based therapies from leading therapists, but in a community setting with offices across Canada. Therapies include ISTDP, CBT, DBT, EMDR, ACT and Direct Neurofeedback for a wide range of addictions and mental health challenges.

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