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Lunar Eclipse Flower Moon Collective Tarot Reading

0:00 Introduction
00:18 Upcoming Videos Schedule
01:55 Free Form Tarot Reading
02:38 EXTREMELY Short Love Message
03:11 Which Angel’s Among Us
04:08 Channelled Message
10:39 Super Quick Ex Love Reading
11:56 Amber Heard Entered the Chat
17:15 Disclaimer then back to AH
20:08 Random Pick a Card
29:40 Personal Reading for 20 year old male-tattoo and brown hair

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In case you were wondering, I usually use these decks in my videos:
Kids Tarot Deck
Light Seer Tarot
Raider Waite Tarot Deck
Romance Oracle Deck
Anger Answers Oracle Deck
Angels Among Us Oracle Deck
African Goddess Ancestors Oracle Deck
Under the Sea Tarot Deck
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沌ersonal Readings Now Available

Each reading will be recorded and a private link shared with you.

At this time, I do not take any medical related questions, crime/whodunit questions, past love ones mediumship questions, or any questions involving curses and dark Magic. 尿 There are other amazing readers who are far more suited and experience for those types of questions. I recommend you seek their services.

If I feel a question is inappropriate, or if my spirit team deems I should not answer your question(s), a refund will be sent to you within 24 hours. You’ll also have the option to ask another series of questions, if you prefer.
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Psychic Skills

I only work through the source of Light Energy and Magic.

I use my psychic skills (I have access to all the Clair- psychic skills except for one, for now) to channelled and receive guidance and information from the Divine, Angels, and my Ancestors撾儭撾儭潑儭

I channel information from the Archangels Realm, Ancestors Realm, Fairies Realm, Goddesses Realm, and the Mermaids & Dolphins Realm.
I always seek permission from your spiritual team before tapping into your energy for a reading.

I’m highly intuitive and although I’m familiar with the traditional meaning of tarot cards, I use tarot and oracle cards only as a tool to help guide my channelling. (Plus, they’re so much fun to use!) However, like many psychics, I do not need divinations tools to tapped into my spiritual gifts. It just make things a bit easier (and more fun).

It’s my belief that every human has some form of psychic abilities. It’s just that some are able to tapped into them more effortlessly than others. If you’ll like to tapped into your skills, the highest step to begin your journey is to follow your intuitive nature. Once you begin to trust your intuition more, I believe (and my spiritual guides agree with me) that it’s a gateway to triggering an access point to your spiritual talents.

Social Media

My TikTok & Instagram Links

I have One IG account: MagicalButterflySpirit
One main TikTok Account: MagicButterflySpirit
And one Backup TikTok Account: MagicButterflySpirit

Anything else is an imposter account and I would never DM you to initiate a reading, give you my WhatsApp info, or randomly ask you for money. Stay alert for Scam Artists 打
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拎撾劈ll Content are For Entertainment Purposes Only尿 Please seek the advice of a professional before making any major life choices.

And finally!
Take only what resonated ~ Don’t force any reading to apply to your situation 互

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