Do you have to cut to struggle with self-harm? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

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1. Hi Kati. I have recently been accepted into a double bachelor of nursing and psychology and start in two weeks. I’ve been struggling with an ed (stages of anorexia and bulimia) for 4 years and am only now realizing the effects it has had on my body (my heart rate is too slow, low blood pressure, constant dehydration, chronic headaches and insomnia, irregular periods- infrequent etc.) Since Christmas my Ed has gotten worse and I want to get better, I don’t want to feel this way anymore. Only 2 people know about it and it’s so exhausting trying to hide it constantly. I’m worried that reaching out now and asking for help, while studying a bachelor of psychology, will affect job opportunities once I complete my studies. Would it affect job opportunities? Do I have to be in recovery or recovered before I could start working as a therapist? Thank you for everything you do, you inspire me xo
2. Hello Kati I was wondering if scratching yourself till you bleed when you’re feeling extremely down is considered Self-Harm? Well is it considered Self-Harm only when you use a knife or blade? I really appreciate your website and your videos. Thank you for everything.Journal Topic:
“Don’t be so afraid of relapse that you can’t recover.”
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25 thoughts on “Do you have to cut to struggle with self-harm? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton”

  1. When I was in high school I used to scratch myself pretty badly, I stopped once I developed an eating disorder because I had something else to focus my energy or lack of energy on. A couple months ago, 11-12 years after I stopped scratching I began again. I was able to stop after a couple weeks because I had people that noticed quickly and they helped me through it. I think that is important, when I was 15 people noticed but no one said anything, my eating disorder was even encouraged, now if I self destruct I have people around to help me put myself back together.

  2. I know you keep saying "reach out, Get help" but what if you dont want to talk or even fear that if you talk then your problems, health problems become real? How do i reach out if i have no willpower to or even want to, but know i should because i am and continue to get worse???… Thank you Kati for being a source of help, T.

  3. Kati what if my urge to spiral downwards is greater than my will to get better? i haven't been hospitalized in years but a death in the family has triggered very bad self harm. I am 40 and never dreamed i'd be doing this. i can barely move my left arm its in so much pain. Any motivational advice?

  4. I just found your channel seeing you on the vid con panel with shep689. I'm so glad I found this channel. I'm slowly going thru your videos that cover the issues I suffer from. I'm physically disabled and have been since birth, have struggled with it all my life but more so the last 20 years. Also have Depression, anxiety and I self harm. Don't self harm all the time and sometimes I don't do it when I can't cope anymore but I think about it alot.

  5. Kati, hi! I'd like to say that your videos are really encouraging, and helpful. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression for a year now and I have had self harm and suicidal issues. Ever since I graduated high school I've developed a passion for psychology, and I plan to get a diploma, a bachelor of social science and then a master's in clinical work. But my concern is the scars I have on my arms, the scars are covered all over my arms and thighs. & with all the scars that are visible, I'm afraid I won't be able to apply for college, or university or in the future I won't get accepted for a job in social work. I'm seeing a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist on the road to recovery but I'm afraid that in the future the anxiety and depression might return. I hope you'll see this and will appreciate your response. Thank you, keep doing what you're doing. 🙂

  6. Dear Kati
    I am stuck in the hospital and I have a eating disorder and my doctor does not know how to treat me with my eating disorder and wants to put a feeding tube in and I tell her that is not going to help me want food again and that she thinks because I have a self harm problem it is a form of the self harm problem and is trying to scare me into eating again I tell her how I feel and think about eating and she goes beside the point of this problem I have I have asked to maybe go to a clinic for it and she won't let me go I have no form of therapy on a daily basis of any kind I am just stuck I need help with getting the doctor to understand their is more to a feeding tube when it comes down to the problem

  7. Hi Kati! I'm 16 and have depression. The past month I have been increasingly suicidal, to the point where I cannot go to school. I've told my therapist and psychiatrist about this, but I feel like they're not taking me seriously. What is your advice, as I am becoming increasingly unsafe every day.
    Thanks so much! #katifaq

  8. Hi Kati, I'm currently studying to get a degree, this is my first year. I have two months left of this year and I'm beginning to stress a lot and I am an anxious person so I am organised but yet I am still managing to get stressed. From stressing I have been getting a lot of very bad headaches and feeling sick this is causing me to not keep on top of the big work load I have at the moment. This is also causing me to become more stressed and I am worried its going to get worse. If this gets worse I have a tendency to give up because i wont manage it all and I am worried because I have done so well to make it this far I can't give up! Please does anyone have any advice or know if its something else ?? Anything will help! Thank you and I love your videos!

  9. Hi Kati, one of my friends knows about my eating disorder and whenever we talk its ALL we talk about. Is there any way I can stop this? I used to keep it secret ro everyone but now that a she knows its like I trigger myself almost too when I talk to her. Thank you so much for the videos, youve saved my life from suicide twice. Thanks Kati:)

  10. Hey Kati
    Please capfuls you make a video on how to help yourself if there is no possible help around you (if you are quite young I am only 12) x This could really be idiot me as I cannot get help from school or family or outside of everything. Thank You So Much For Your Time Reading this. Xx

  11. lol the first girl on here beat me to the punch on my question but yes I agree…I'm in school for social work and we talk about self care a lot but I was kind of thinking about the recovery stuff too so very good connection there 🙂 

  12. I like the journal topic. It is really powerful as you said. I just need it now so that I can use it for school too. And about negative comments form other people, it happened a lot in every aspect of life, so all what each of us need is self confidence and not to be bias and criticize of what others do and think if it's not affect anyone else lives or hurt any one then let them. live their lives as how they want.
    I found this quote a long time ago, and I try to use it for my life:
    The greatest prison you could ever live in is the fear of what other people think.

  13. #katiFAQ  Hi Kati. Is it possible to get over wishing you had "real" parents who loved and cared about you? How? Growing up I never really had any adults supporting me – most adults in my life were abusive, or just didn't care – and even though I'm 19 now and fine on my own, I feel like I'm always looking for trustworthy adults, wishing they would "adopt" me. It's like I missed out on being a kid, I didn't even realize it until recently and now it's too late. Will I ever be able to fill that hole I feel inside?

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