DottieLou Green was born in Inglewood California and grew up in the South Bay. She raised two children, a son and a daughter. She has worked in the finance industry for 36 years. When not at the office crunching numbers she enjoys spending time with her grandson. DottieLou loves anything outdoors including camping by the river with family and friends. She still resides in the South Bay with her husband and 2 fur babies.

DottieLou has dedicated her life to sharing DBT Therapy (DBT = Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). She herself has suffered an extreme emotional breakdown. Once a successful business woman to a fearful recluse who feared being seen by people. She knew she needed help and fought the Mental Health System(which is Completely BROKEN) to get help. She was offered DBT Therapy. Once she completed 3 years of DBT and DBT Aces Therapy she came back to life and is now able to function effectively in her daily life. She now is sharing this Therapy with those that desire to LIVE AN EFFECTIVE LIFE WORTH LIVING.

Living an effective life worth living is a Minute by Minute awareness of our emotions, triggers, body sensations, facts and THEN LEARNING SKILLS to deal with all these life events EFFECTIVELY. DBT Therapy has saved the life of many who thought there was no other way of life but suffering and despair.
Emotional Trauma returns as REACTIONS not Memories.